This is a listing of many of the new albums added to the station's rotation. 

2018 Album Updates 


Reel Big Fish – Life Sucks… Let's Dance! (2018)
They are back with their first new full album since 2012, this one has a great mix of songs including a couple of Forces Of Evil tracks that finally got a real release. 



King Kong Girio - Songs For Olly (2018)



The Nutty Boys - Got Your Dancing Shoes ? (2018)
Excellent band from Freiburg im Breisgau Germany playing ska jazz, instrumentals and the ska. 


Goldfinger - The Goldfinger Christmas EP (2018)


Baked A La Ska -  Ska of Wonder (2015)


Mad Caddies - I'm Going Surfing for Xmas Single (2018)


Potbelly MacKraken - Reggae We Have Heard On High Single (2018)
Great Early Reggae style medley of traditional Public Domain Christmas hymns.


Lollypop Lorry - Ural Station (2018)
Great band from Yekaterinburg Russia playing traditional ska to Jamaican Jazz. 


The Copacetics - A Very Copacetic Christmas EP (2018)
The songs are "pay what you want, and if you decide to give a little, all proceeds to "Good People Doing Good" a local charity here in Rhode Island.



Double Jabs - Million Dollar Reggae (2018)
Album out now on Liquidator Musicl,  they are an excellent group playing the traditional ska and rocksteady. Made up of an all star cast of members from The Oldians, The Slingshots, The Cabrians, Kinky Coo Coo's and Memi Sillah showing her talent on vocals. 



Filibuster -  New Ruler and the King (1998)
Thanks to a listener for letting me know about this Sacramento area band. I was able to find their first album on ebay and added it to the playlist.


Reel Big Fish - You Can't Have All Of Me (2018) 
Great first single from the album Life Sucks... Let's Dance!, due out in December. 


Alpheus - Light Of Day (2018)
Excellent early ska & rocksteady album from this UK born singer. 


I Like the Future and the Future Likes me - Are You Feeling OK? (2018)
An album about how creepy the Internet can be and the toxic masculinity that lives there. Also it's a free download, so check it out.

Strange Tenants - Militant Style (2018)
This marks the 8th album from this band also known as Australia's Godfathers Of Ska. 


Batam OrcheSka - Lounge EP (2015)
Excellent band from Batam City, just outside Singapore. According to their facebook a new single should be out soon.


King Kong Girio - Kong Girio EP 2 (2018)
Once a month (for the next 6 months) he will be completing a track for this EP (no. 2). 



The Soul Chance - How Long Will It Take / Gonna Leave (2018) Single
Great newer band from Bakersfield, CA bringing the early reggae sound. 


The Hempsteadys - Séance! Séance! (2018)
Self described as The P-Funk of Street Punk - The Wu-Tang Clan of Ska. 


Janet Kumah - Yellow Flower (2018)
Here is the excellent Debut album from this artist who's voice you may recognize from The Delegators.  She keeps a similar soulful reggae and rocksteady style as the former band played. 



The Fuss - Ourselves (2018)
Great new full length album from this traditional ska & rocksteady band from the Washington DC area.


Phonosonics - Reggae Don't Pay the Rent EP (2018)
Great Victoria BC area band with their first EP of great rocksteady songs.


Cake Wilcox - Smoke & Fire (2018)
Excellent solo dub album from this artist who is in several bands you may have heard played here, including The Georgetown Orbits and Get Down Moses. 


The Classy Wrecks - Bedrocksteady EP (2018)
The Classy Wrecks are a great Ska Rocksteady band from Toronto, Ontario. 



The Holophonics - Phantom Arrival (2018)
Back with a full album of original songs (yes they do that sometimes) from this band most famous for ska covers. Today (May 11th) also marks the start of their US and Canadian tour, in support of this previously mentioned album. 


Le Birrette - Gal Songs Only (2018)
This massive 10 piece all female band is based in Bologna, Italy and play traditional ska and rocksteady.


The Georgetown Orbits - Solar Flares (2018)
This excellent Seattle based traditional ska and rocksteady groups has relased their 4th full album and the first featuring the new lead singer, Timmy Conroy.  Also thanks to the GTO to the shoutout on the album liner notes. 



Monkey - Intermittent Wavres (2018)
This hard waorking band from Califorina is out with their 6th full album. If you live along the west coast, be sure to check out their tour dates in May as they may be coming to a town near you. 

Raise The Kicks - The Debut E.P (2018)
Acording to their page, Raise The Kicks is a New York City based ska band who's sound floats somewhere in between the 2nd and 3rd Wave of ska, with the perfect amount of rock and roll added in just for good measure.


The Liquidators - The Liquidators (S/T 2018)
Ska/Rocksteady/Early Reggae/Soul band from Lille in France. 



Tunnel Vision - Days Away (2018)
Great new album from this California Reggae group, with some members of Reel Big Fish laying down some horn tracks on this album. 


The Imperial Walkers - The Imperial Walkers (S/T 2016)



Dan P. And The Bricks - When We Were Fearless (2018)


Filthy Militia - Innocent Until Proven Filthy (2018)



Sin Etiqueta - Cali One (2018)


Rubén López - Rubén López version explosion (2018)


Sound System Seven - Wot's All This, Then? (2018)



The Royal Architects - The Brooklyn Sessions EP (2018)


What Do You Know About Ska Punk? Vol. 2 (2018)
169 tracks of traditional ska, rocksteady and ska/punk. Great way to find some new bands to start off the new year.


Susan Cadogan - The Girl Who Cried Over You EP (2018)



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