This is a listing of many of the new albums added to the station's rotation. 

2019 Album Updates 



The Uppertones - Shake Hands With Santa Claus” b/w Rudie The Red Nosed Reindeer” 7 inch single (2019)


Detroit Riddim Crew - Detroit Riddim Crew & Friends (2019)



Bite Me Bambi - Holiday Cheer (2019)


Newport Secret Six - 4tracksteady (2019)




Grave Danger - Tomb It May Concern (2019)


The Supervillains - Postcards From Paradise (2011)



 The Inverters - The Show Must Go On (2019)




Big D and the Kids Table - Strictly Covered (2019)
Big D covers a selection of their favorite songs.


Alla Spina - One More Thing (2019)


Bruce Lee Band - Rental​!​! Eviction​!​! (2019)



The Inverters - The Inverters (2017)



Red Soul Community - Holidays in the city (2019)


The Seattleites - The Thing EP! (2019)
Debut album from this newer Seattle area band, playing the traditional ska. 


Amy Gabba and The Almost Famous - The Heart is Stupid (2019)
Great solo EP from this Alberta ska/punk rocker chick. Her other projects have been along the lines of The Gabba Heys (a Ramones/Joan Jett cover act) and AMY/DC (a female-fronted AC/DC tribute band). On this new venture she had help making the EP from members of Reel Big Fish and produced by the Sound Engineer for The Interrupters.



The Soul Chance - The Soul Chance (2019)
Debut LP from California Reggae / Soul group The Soul Chance


The Holophonics - MaSKArades Vol. 13: Yeah, But Also Check Out Our Original Music (2019)
A lot of these songs are fan requests, thanks for supporting us y'all.


S.A.D - Gotta Keep Moving (2019)
S.A.D are a original 3 piece punk/Ska band from the UK.


The Tellways - Closer To The Fire (2019)
Motor City Ska, Rocksteady, Reggae and Soul.



Skablins - Tie Dyed Cock (2019)
Named after ska and goblins, this high energy party band is suited for dancing, skanking, anthems, chanting, flame & fun and sing-a-longs.


Stop The Presses - Money In The Bank (2019)
This is ska, and something more. Eight songs draw on retro vibes and new-wave lines to push the riddim and make you move.



The Crepitans -  Tribulations (2019) 
This group is based in Madrid. They are motivated by classic Jamaican sounds, especially from the time of Rocksteady & Early Reggae.


Calypso Rose feat. Tim Timebomb & The Interrupters - Amazing Grade (2019) Single
The song name pretty much says it all. 



The Aggrolites - Reggae Now ! (2019)
They are back with their first new LP in 8 years, still bringing their classic dirty reggae sound.



The Planet Smashers - Too Much Information (2019)
Thanks to Stomp Records for sending this one in early. I've gave it a listen and it's excellent, so I wold guess you all may hear a few songs played before the official release date.  Of course The Planet Smashers are from Montreal, Quebec, Canada who have been playing since 1994 and will be releasing their 9th album on May 10th. It is up for preorder on several sites if you want to check it out. 


Bowcat - Suited and Sussed (2019)
They are an excellent 7 piece ska/rocksteady/reggae/soul group out of Phoenix, AZ. This album does not release until April 27 but you may be lucky enough to hear a few songs early. 


King Zepha - King Zepha's Northern Sound (2019)


K-Man & The 45s - Stand With The Youth (2019)
Great band from Montreal, Québec has this new album coming out April 19th on Stomp Records. Listen to the station for long enough and you may hear a new song or two early. 


Catbite - Catbite (2019)


Pocket Billiards - Troubles Edge (2019)
Pocket Billiards are a 9-piece band from Belfast, Ireland.



Half Past Two - Three Small Words (2019)

Great cover of Three Small Words from the cult classic movie Josie and the Pussycats! Featuring guest vocalist Tahlena. 



Offbeatfront - True Love (2019)
They are a Ska band from Austria, near Salzburg, who was founded in 2011.

 The Sensibles - The Sensibles (2019)



No Kings - Steady Yourself (2019)
No Kings is a 4 piece alternative ska/surf/reggae band from San Diego,Ca.


Be Like Max - Save Us All (2019)
Back with their 4th album is this great Ska/punk band from Las Vegas.


The Soulutions - For Pete's Sake  (1996)
Another great release from the Utah Ska Preservation Project, because many great bands may be gone but should not be forgotten. 


The Operators - Ain't It Obvious / 6 Month Blues Single (2019)



The Prizefighters - Firewalk (2019)
An excellent traditional ska and rocksteady album that was recorded in a 100% analog environment to truly capture the spirit of the genre. 


The Nutty Boys - Inspector GP Single (2019)
The mighty INSPECTOR GADGET x THE PINK PANTHER urban offbeat medley!


Flavortown Mafia - Taco Truck Tuesday Single (2019)
This was the first song we ever wrote as a band and is the first song on our EP coming out this Spring!


Thorpedians - Strike Back (2017)

Malambo Ska Band - Under The Ska (2018)
Malambo Ska is bringing ska to the end of the world. Formed in Buenos Aires in 2016, making noise and skanking!



What Do You Know About Ska Punk? Vol. 3 (2019)

If you are looking for new music, this is a great way to start the year. 142 tracks of ska, not just ska punk either. 


Talkbats  - 1st single (2018)
Talkbats is a ska punk band from Seoul, South Korea. As the title says you can guess this is their debut single. 



Spicy Roots - Penny Black(2019)
Thanks to this excellent band from Schwieberdingen, Germany for sending in their 5th album, due to be released very soon. 

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