December 2016

The Sentiments - HiFi (2016)
This is an album not to be missed, with a lineup featuring members from bands like Easy Big Fella, Franceska and Cornerstone and a (whole) bunch of other great musicians. If you like your traditional ska and rocksteady with a side of soul then this is for you. 



November 2016

Peg & The Rejected - 4th Wave (2016)

You may be expecting another ska/punk album just looking at the album name, but it is actually more laid back and the songs are well done. While this band is new, they are not new, they were previously know as The Dingees who had been playing since the mid 90's in Orange County CA. 


Lollypop Lorry - Circus Magical Muffin (2016)

Excellent 8 piece group from Yekaterinburg Russia, playing mostly traditional ska with some Jamaican Jazz. 


Bowcat (Self Titled EP) 2016
This is an 8 piece band from Phoenix, AZ who played their first show just under one year ago. They now have some songs out and they are definitely worth checking out.

October 2016

Madness - Can't Touch Us Now (2016)
Of course everyone should know the UK band Madness, they are back with an all new album, their 12th I believe.   


Various - Phx Ska Punk Bowling '16
This album has a great selection of bands, 21 tracks and it's just $5. The album pretty much says what the festival is about, a bunch of ska & punk bands with a bowling tournament too. They are already planning the shows for 2017, so check the website and mark your calendar. 


Lynval Golding And Contra Coup - Know Your Rights (2016)
One of Lynval's other projects is joining the Austin, TX band Contra Coup to make some music, along with his Seattle band Gigantor, when he's not busy with the Specials of course. This some of you may know is a cover of a Clash song that seems just as fitting in 2016 as it did in 1982.


Rundown Kreeps - Breaking The Routine E?.?P. (2015)

Thanks to Richard (Guitar & Vocals) for sending in the album. They are a Los Angeles based ska/pop-punkabilly band that has been playing since 2009. 


Susan Cadogan - Take Me Back (2016)
Many of you will know this name, born in Kingston Jamaica Susan has been putting out records songs since 1975. This newest EP was recorded and mixed by Mitch Girio (aka King Kong Girio) of King Apparatus and to fill the album out, the horn section was provided by Keyser Soze out of Reno.


September 2016

The Frightnrs - Nothing More To Say (2016)

Some of you may know the story. This is an excellent traditional rocksteady band from NY, their singer Dan Klein was diagnosed with ALS just over a year ago as the band started recording this album. The disease progressed quickly, taking Dan life just as the album was coming together but had not yet been released. But as always, great music will be with us forever. 


The Big News - Have You Heard ? (2016)

Thanks for Jon (drums) for sending in the bands new album that came out this spring. They are a ska/punk group from Norman Oklahoma, but not just another ska/punk band, they have a more refined sound reminding me of 3rd wave bands like Mustard Plug. 



August 2016


Hirie - Wandering Soul (2016)

Out with the follow up to her excellent 2013 debut album (and what was likely my personally most played album) this one continues right along with her California reggae style with an island feel and enough horns to make me happy. 




Show Me Island - Ring Around & Run (2016)
You likely have heard songs from this band before on the station, if not, they are an excellent traditional styled band from Salt Lake City.  This new album features Dave Hillyard on sax on several tracks as well. 



Matamoska! - Slacktivist Swing (2016)
Excellent ska/punk band from the LA area. I picked up this album after I saw the band live at a show in Tacoma, WA a few weeks back.



Trembling Earth - a Scottish SKA collection (2016)

Just what the title says, this is an excellent collection from 16 bands playing 33 songs on a double cd album. A very worthwhile compilation and you should check it out.



July 2016


RareBreed And Friends Summer Sampler (2016)

Out with their 3rd sampler, Rarebreed Recordning Company, founded by Obi Fernandez (Westbound Train) and Vinnie Fiorello (Less Than Jake), are offering everyone some top notch songs from bands like Big D and The Kids Table W/ Maddie Ruthless, The Slackers, Westbound Train and more. 21 songs on this free download. 



STEADY 45s - Greenleaf Special (2016)
Great band out of California bringing that traditional ska and rocksteady. This 8 song album dropped just in time for the band's upcoming West Coast tour at the end of July & Early August, I am hoping to catch them in Tacoma, btw. 



Rude Boy George - Love and Dancing EP (2016)

You may have heard some of their other 80's ska covers before and they do a great job with them. They are back with a new 4 song EP than you can pick up for free or pay them a few $$ for the work if you can.  


June 2016


The Interrupters - Say It Out Loud (2016)
Many of you will know this bands first album, rough back to the roots of ska punk, reminiscent of Operation Ivy. Well, they are back with a solid 14 track second album, no sophomore blues. This all-star album features Roger Lima, Chris Demakes, Peter "JR" Wasilewski and Buddy Schaub from Less Than Jake, Dicky Barrett from the Bosstones, Tim Armstrong of Rancid, Operation Ivy and several other guest musicians. 



Drop Steady - The Light (2015)
Thanks to Adam (Guitar and Vocals) for sending me the info on this excellent 6 piece traditional ska and rocksteady band he plays in. They are from Chicago, Ill. and they have the album up for free download on bandcamp, you can also send them a few $$ for it if you enjoy it. 


The Fuss - In Trouble EP (2016)

Here is an excellent traditional ska and rocksteady band from Washington DC who just put out their debut EP last month. You can pick up this new album for just $5 and the also have an early demo available as a free download. Definitely worth checking this band out if you have never come across them before.



Soul Radics - Radication EP (2016)
If your a listener to the station then you likely have heard this band from Nashville, TN quite a few times, maybe even the song into from the band's singer. They are back with an all new EP, available on 10" vinyl, cd and download. 



Phoenix City All-stars - Searching For The Young Ska Rebels (2016)

You may have heard quite a few songs from their earlier album, Two Tone Gone Ska, on the station before, now they are back with an early reggae and ska tribe to Dexys Midnight Runners. This is truly an all star band, coping their facebook(so I don't have to retype it all) they have members from Pama Intl and Sidewalk Doctors, The Specials, The Loafers, Big Boss Man, Kasabian, Dub Vendor All-stars, The Bongolian, Forest Hillbillies, Intensified, The Delegators and a few special guests. 


Slow Gherkin - Lives EP (2016)
Back after 14 years (besides 2 xmas songs 5 years ago) here are a few all new songs from this band. They said it's not the start of a reunion or comeback just that had some time and are able to get together now and then.



The Kings - Elwood (2016)

Here is the debut album from this somewhat new Seattle group. You may have heard a few of their excellent singles, like Frigid & Good Man, on the station over the past year and now they have an entire album of their high power ska music. It will be out pubically soon but be listening and you may hear some songs off it here.



Fairhaven - Sunshine Singles (2016)

You may have heard some songs from this ska/punk band from Davenport, Iowa band on the station before, but with the start of summer already here they decided to slow it down it notch for a more traditional sound this time. 



The Abruptors - Buffalo Ska EP (2016)

An excellent ska and rocksteady band from Buffalo, NY is out with a new 3 song 7" from Asian Man Records or as a download from bandcamp. 



May 2016


Natalie Wouldn't - EP (2016)

You have likely heard this excellent Seattle based band if you have been listening to the station. They are a very solid band featuring past or current members of Easy Big Fella, Diablotones, Georgetown Orbits and more. 




Suspense Heroes Syndicate - Big Shot (2015)

Thanks to Dima, who is plays guitar in the band for letting me know about them. SHS is an excellent ska & ska/punk group from Moscow who has been playing since 2009 but just recently put out their debut album. Their music is influenced from Garage to 2Tone and Surf.




Fairhaven - Fairhaven / Max Ether Split (2016)

New album from this ska / punk band coming out of Davenport, Iowa. They started played this band as middle schoolers in 2010 and are still playing six years later. To quote the band "the best one yet!". 



Party Like It's... - Clockwork Lover Single (2016)

You have likely heard this bands cover songs over the past few years but now they have released their first original song. Check out the video for it too. 



The Freecoasters - Kiss-  Single (2016)

This excellent Ft. Meyers FL band wasted no time getting out a very well done cover of Kiss, in tribute to Prince.  They have it up for a free download, so go check it out. 



The Easy In - Demos (2016)
This is an excellent up and coming band from Bakersfield, CA that I saw play last year. They have posted a few demos for listening & download, so I picked them up and will give them some spins. Can't wait for the proper album to drop sometime soon. 



April 2016


Caz and the Day Laborers - Caz and the Day Laborers (2013)

Here is one that came out a few years ago that I just recently got on the station. Caz (Caz Gardiner) is maybe most well known in the D.C area from The Checkered Cabs and has also been with New York Ska Jazz Ensemble among other bands. This band was full of great talent but unfortunately seems to not have lasted very long. At least they did leave us one great ska & rocksteady album.  



The Abruptors - Rise & Fall Single (2016)

You likely have heard a few songs from this excellent traditional ska group from Buffalo, NY if your a regular listener. There are back with one new song and one cover from Deal's Gone Bad.



Eric Daino - Eric DTX (2016)

If you think you have heard this name before, Eric is from the Holophonics. This was a side project of his to put out an album on his own with more traditional ska feeling then the Holophonics releases have been. 



The Sentries - The Horseman EP (2016)

Unlike the previous band, this group has been together along time (5+ years) and is just getting their first songs out. This EP has 6 songs, so it's nearly album length or maybe an extended EP. Anyway back to business, The Sentries are from Ottawa and leaning more to the traditional ska sound. This EP is excellent and can't want for them to get a full album out but hopefully it's not as long a wait as this first release. 



Copper Crown - Copper Crown (ST 2016)

Here is a band from Toronto that has only been together since Summer of 2015 but has a much more experienced sound. They now have a self titled EP out but I really don't know much else about the band yet,  if I find out anything interesting I will add it on. 



March 2016


Reggae Workers of the World - Reggae Workers of the World (2015)

This album is an excellent project between Jesse Wagner (Aggrolites), Nico Leonard (Moon Invaders, Caroloregians) and and Vic Ruggiero (Slackers).  If you like songs from any of these bands you will love this album.



The Freecoasters - Show Up (2016)
Here is a top notch debut album from this Ft. Meyers FL band. They have been around for a few years and you have likely heard some songs of their 2014 EP but they really took it up a notch and put some time into this album, having it produced by Jesse Wagner of the Aggrolites definitely helps as well. It's up on my favorite music storefront (bandcamp) now, so go check it out.



Gigantes Magneticos - Power Of Choice (2016)

The first of two great release from Liquidator Music I got this week, this band is from Buenos Aires, Argentina playing the traditional ska, rocksteady and soulful reggae. This album is also available as a limited edition LP if you don't wait too long. 



 The Oldians - Out Of The Blue (2016)

Here is the 5th studio album from this great band from Barcelona. They play mainly Jamaican Jazz with some traditional ska & rocksteady songs as well. This album is also available as a limited edition double LP.



Heavy City - Heavy City EP (a work in progress) (2016)
Here is a great fairly new all-star band from Portland, OR bringing back that 60's traditional ska and rocksteady sounds.  Their debut release only has 3 songs but they have more in the works and will release them as they become available. 



Leo and the Lineup – Hit The Streets (2015) & Self Titled (2012)

Here is an excellent soulful ska and reggae group from Denmark. I just recently heard about from this band on the Jump UP website where I picked up their new album and their debut record from a few years back. 



 The Crombies - Dance Crazee (2016)

After having only a few scattered singles I'm happy to see an entire album out from this Chicago group. Their mission is to bring back the classic 2Tone songs and style. 



The Crepitans - Come To Call Me (2015) Single

Here is an excellent band from near Madrid Spain who just recently put out their debut songs. They are bringing back the traditional rocksteady and early reggae sound. They only have two songs out and I can't wait for more. 



February 2016

The Holophonics - MaSKArades Vol. 9: Now That's What I Call Ska Covers (2016)
With favorites like Hello, Stitches, The Hills and Shut Up and Dance there is no reason to not bring this to your next ska party. 



 Shark Punch - Hope This Works (2016)

Thanks to Dustin for sending in the band new album. They are a ska/punk surf group from Hayward, CA. They are newer band but already have won the Gorilla Music SF Battle of the Bands  and 2015 San Francisco DNA Lounge Battle of the Bands. You can download the songs from free on their Reverbnation page. 




Stacked Like Pancakes - This Is Us (2015)
This ska/rock band from Baltimore, MD has been together since 2007 and thanks to a successful kickstarter they had this, I believe their second album, drop just a short time ago. 


January 2016


Ragtag Romantics - From the Very Start (2015)
Here is a new, somewhat local band, from Spokane, WA, a few hours drive from here. They already have some awards under their belt, winning the 2015 First Night Spokane Battle of the Bands Competition. 



Go Jimmy Go - Live at the Belly Up (2006)

The month marks the 20th anniversary for GJG but sadly the end of the road for the band. They have posted a free live album recorded in Aug 2006 for anyone who wants to pickit up. I don't know how long it will be available for, so better download it sooner rather than later. 



Marasma General - 108 bpm (2015)

Thanks to Maxi (trumpet) for sending in the band's new album. They are an Italian ska band from Milan and this is the first album I have heard from them, although they have been playing for 10 years. 



The Slackers - The Slackers (2016)

All new self titled album out from the excellent band due out in a few weeks, as of this writing. I have got a copy and can say it's a solid album, even a ska/surf song in the mix. I will be dropping a few songs from this album before it comes out, so be listening for them.



No Person - America EP (2016)

Thanks to Brandon for sending in his band's newest album. No Person is a punk/ska band from Pittsburgh,PA. This album is also available on Bandcamp for free but if you like it you can also pay a few $$ for it, to show you like it. 


 Previous year's albums.