December 2009


The Skapitanos - Get It Together

This group from Germany was nice enough to send me their newest album, even paying 6.00€ (6 Euro is about 9.00$) to send it over. Filed under  Skapitanos, The






Here are a few albums for the holiday happy people who still want to skank to the beat

Bunch of Believers - Ska la-La-La-La & Go Jimmy Go - Holiday Hell Yeah !

Also check out some xmas songs already on the site by Flight 180, Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Judge Dread & Save Ferris. These albums will remain on the site after the holidays but will be set not to normally play, unless requested.




Go Jimmy Go - Go Jimmy Go

This latest self titled album from this Hawaiian group just came out a few weeks ago. They have a slower island sound and its nice to see them keep their style in this mostly ska-punk world. I also got this album because it has a song involving a Subaru, we have 3 Subaru's, 85, 95, 05.

The Mighty Mighty Bosstones

The first all new full length album since about 2002 I think for this hard working band from Boston. (The 2007 album was mostly leftover and B-sides). I have had time now to listen to it a few times, I can say it's an excellent album. The Bosstones have what must be many personal stories put into these songs. Its one of the rare albums you can listen to all the way though never skipping over songs. Filed under, M for Mighty.

The Skints - Live.Breathe.Build.Believe

This album was just released in Nov. Hailing from the UK, they remind me somewhat of the songs I have heard from Sonic Boom 6, maybe toned down a bit. With a well done mix of Reggae, rock, hip-hop and punk I deem them worthy of being played on BSR. Filed under Skints, The


The Busters - Walking The Dead

As long as in Europe (in my mind anyway) lets stop by Germany and pick up the latest album from The Busters. Now playing for over 20 years they have some great albums out, I will be adding some of their older music once I get a few more $$. Filed under Busters, The


Skaya - Darmstadt

This band from Germany was kind enough to send me a few songs to add on the site.


October 2009


The Duppies -Throw 1 Punch

I ran across this on youtube and liked their sound. If you search for them it keeps asking if you meant puppies, guppies or yuppies, but Duppies is correct. Infact its an old Jamaican term for an angry ghost. Coming out of Gainesville, FL. Put in a request and give them a listen. Filed under Duppies, The.




Cherry Poppin' Daddies - Skaboy JFk

Somewhat like a greatest hits of the Ska side of CPD. This cd features new recordings of the more ska influnced songs from the Daddies libary. Still thought of as a swing group by many people they have always played a winde range of music from swing, to ska, rock and rockabilly. It just turned out that that their big hit, Zuit Suit Roit, came out in the post-grunge, mini swing revival time of the later 90's and got major radio play, making the album go double platium.


September 2009


Across The Aisle - The Mercy EP

As long as Im adding EP's I will list this one. I found this band after seeing their youtube videos, a good sounding group from NY with a few girls and a few guys. Kind of pop-rock with horns sound.




August 2009


Tip The Van - Passion Love & Pride EP


To bad it's just 3 songs. 3 girls and 3 guys makes a great band.



The Pepper Pots - Now!

The 3rd album from this Spanish (the country,not the language) female trip fronted group. A mix of 50's Motown R&B with some ska backing makes an interesting group. After listening to this album I would say it lost much of the ska feelings from their other albums.




Second Time Lucky - Drink Sleep Repeat

Been a fan of their music on Myspace for some time now. A lively UK ska band with a female lead singer is always going to make my playlist. This is their debut album and its worth a listen.



Minor Updates: After some trolling around on Emusic I got a few old Bim Skala Bim albums that I may have had at one time but I cant find now, the newest Subb cd and one from Unsteady dating around 1997 I think.



July 2009


Big D And The Kids Table - Fluent In Stroll
If you like past releases from BDATKT you should like this album. Keeping much of there style, this album on average may have a bit slower tempo than past cd's. The couple hip-hopish rap songs I don't care for. The female backing vocals are nice touch. I would say Chin Up and Not F--ing Around are the ones I like best.


Chase Long Beach - Gravity Is What You Make It

I just picked this one up this morning and didnt have time at work to listen to it today, so give it a listen and see what you think.


June 2009


The Aggrolites - IV

Some of the weekly radio shows have been playing cuts off the new 4th (hence the name) album for several weeks now and it sounds very good. It came out this week so soon as payday hit I picked up a copy. BTW: They are listed under A -  Aggrolites, The should you be looking to make requests. It is loaded with 20something songs I think, out of that you should be able to find some that match your taste.


Madness - The Liberty Of Norton Folgate

The 9th Album (not counting live releases) for this UK group still has the Madness sound.  Still mainstream in England the lead singer Suggs is often found hosting various shows, appearing in a few movies and for some time hosting his own radio show. Give it a listen and you will be asking is this 2009 or 1979 ?


Rancid - Let The Dominoes Fall

While not truly SKA this group( and Operation Ivy) have influenced a great number of other bands, of all genres. Take a look at many of the bands on myspace, they list Rancid / Op Ivy as bands they listen to them selves or gave them reason to start their own band.  At first listen, this album feels like a shift in styles from previous albums, maybe bringing back influences from The Transplants with some Power Rap that I don't care for, some Power Pop Rock sounding songs and some acoustic songs. Skankers not to worry, Liberty And Freedom & Up To No Good are both very danceable songs.


Minor updates: Added some music from The (English) Beat,from listener requests.

May 2009

Prague Ska Conspiracy - Life On The Ropes  &  Lies For Everyone

I had seen them on youtube several times and decided to check them out, only to learn you can download their albums for free of their own site ( ).  So I did and added this into the playlist.


Blue King Brown - Stand Up

After reading the review on Music Is Our Occupation I gave this Australian reggae/skaish group with female lead singers a listen and was impressed. This album has been out for several years but I grabbed a copy right away and I added it into the playlist. They are still active with a full tour going on (The only US stops are in CA)  so hopefully they are working on there next album as they have time.


Hub City Stompers - SKA SKA BLACK SHEEP

I believe the 3rd album for this punk flavored group from New Jersy, this CD contains a mixture of new materiel and dub mixes of some of there songs on earlier albums. I just got this in mail and havent gave it a good listen yet but I find Last Trail to Dorkville entertaining even though it seems to be making fun of people like myself and maybe many of their own fans.


Minor updates: Added another Bad Manners album. With some of these groups  being around 20 or more years may have 10+ albums out,  so I tend to only add greatest hits & live cd's unless asked.

Added songs from Ask My Cat per request.

Also added an EP from the Florida band The Skamatics (listed under Skamatics, The), that I bought on accident. At least I liked it so I added it on.

Added a cd from The Skatomatics( Skatomatics , The) from Vancover BC who I had seen several months ago  in Seattle and who's CD I was thinking about for awhile.  I have videos of the band posted on my Youtube page .


April 2009

Left Alone - Left Alone

Left alone...are they ska ? Are they punkers with an organ ? Reggae Rockers ?.....We may never know but they play excellent music worthy of being played on Bob's SKA radio.


Natalie Wouldn't -Nick the Beat

A great second album from the Seattle area group, this CD follows their first album Ska Soul Rock & Roll from 2007. Started with former members of Easy Big Fella in 2000 this group is often found opening for national acts making there Seattle appearance and has there own devoted following. I have seen them play many time and they always get the crowd skankin. This fun album has great original music and some excellent covers of songs like Freebird and King of the Road (Trailer for sale or rent, rooms for 50 know). I have many videos of this band posted on my Youtube Page .



2Tone Lizard Kings - Bombs Away

This album is not brand brand new (Oct 2008) but I just recently read a review and decided to pick-it-up.  There music spans different styles from the island sound to 3rd wave. Its a good listen and if Im ever in Arizona (or more likely they come to me) I will be sure to catch their show.




After a long time of saying I would find a way to start posting newest albums added to the site, here they are. Most new music put into the regular playlist will get posted here.