December 2010


Green Room Rockers - Green Room Rockers (2010)

Here we are with the last album entry of the year I would assume, since it's 12/31/2010 at about 2:00pm but time for one more album thanks to an Amazon gift certificate.

The Green Room Rockers are an excellent soulful ska group from Indiana who recently released this album with the help of Dave Hillyard (Slackers) producing it. They starting playing back in 2001 and officially formed GRR in 2006 then put out their first album in 2007.


Kalles Kaviar - Ooh Ooh Yeah Yeah (2010)

This is a great traditional sounding ska & rocksteady group from Switzerland. I had not heard of them before getting the album, I got it with several other cd's over the weekend. From what I can tell the name comes from a seafood spread made by Abba Seafood (in Switzerland of course), anyway Ive listened to this album several times already and there is not one song to skip over. Not very often does a band hit the mark with each song on an album.


Open Season - Louder! (2010)

This is another great ska/rocksteady band from Switzerland who I had never heard before getting their cd recently. This band is now on their 10th year of touring and put out this album in support of the tour.



The Slobbers - Beating Your Pants Off !! (2010)

This band is also from Switzerland but with more of the 3rd wave or ska/punk sound and they sound much better than their name may believe you to think. This album was recently released and is available as a free download on their website.


The Fundamentals - The Fundamentals (EP) (2009)

These Canadian bands are really coming on strong lately. Here is an excellent Montreal traditional sounding rocksteady & ska band that self produced this debut EP (they even made the covers) and were kind enough to hook me up with a copy. This was recorded about a year ago and they have since added even more members, Ill let you know as soon as they get a full album out. I will also get a better copy of the album art posted if I can.



Pepper - Stitches (EP) (2010)

This a Hawaiian reggae/rock group I found browsing Youtube, I liked their sound and saw they just put this EP out in Oct as a $5 download. They have played with bands from The Wailers to 311 & Snoop Dogg to name a few. I will get some of their earlier albums added to the station when I can.


The Diablotones - The Diablotones (1997)

Ive been waiting to find this first album from 1997 at reasonable price for some time now and thankfully the D-Tones just released it for download at Reverb Nation. They have also posted that they will be working to get a new album out in 2011, their last album coming out more than 10 years ago. Listed under D, Diablotones, The



November 2010

Suburban Legends - Going On Tour EP (2010)

This album seems to be a a solid start to SL's return to the fun poppy ska that I remember them for since first seeing them at Ska Summit 2003. Hopefully the next full album will continue this direction of the fun 3rd wave ska/pop/rock they started with.


Starpool - Living in Transition(2010)

Another new album released over the weekend is from this Southern California 3rd wave band made up from a few members of Save Ferris and one of the founding members of No Doubt. Since this band has been together since 2003 maybe they are no longer the former members of this or that but just Starpool. Their first gig was Ska Summit 2003 in Vegas(attendance was about 10,000, someone needs to do  that again). The album has very catchy songs in the pop/rock/ska style that made 3rd wave famous in the OC CA.


Toh Kay & Dan P. - You By Me: Vol. 1 (2010)

Here is new (released today) split between label-mates Toy Kay(aka:Tomas Kalnoky of Streetlight Manifesto, Catch 22, BOTAR) and Dan Potthast (of MU330 and several solo albums) doing covers of each others music. Not much else to explain here, so Ill stop writing so I can start listening to it myself. Listed separately under Toh Kay and Dan P.


Kezita - So Real

Ive been in a reggae mood lately as you can see. Here is another excellent album this time from the West African country of Togo (The Togolese Republic). This album was just released in the US a few days ago and I am enjoying it.

Shauna - Officially

This great reggae album comes not from a life long musician but a lady who decided to get into music while attending law school. She says she was into music at a young age then as time went by interests changed and she drifted away from it until she suddenly decided it was time to give it at try again. I am glad she did as this is an excellent album.

Alaska - Polaroid Polar Bear

This was a band who I found after seeing clicking on their interesting album name. Turns out they are very good and from Zurich Switzerland. You can somewhat tell their location because have that heavy European beat mixed with the rocksteady tempo. Their web site says they bring "joy to the ears of music lovers with Traditional Ska, Rocksteady and Early Reggae seasoned with a pinch of Soul." and that seems to be true. They have a new album coming out for 2011 so I will back later and will be adding that when it comes out.

Marcia Griffiths - Reggae Max (2009)

I would like to add more of this lady to my collection, she has been involved with the ska and reggae world since its beginning. Her career started in 1964 as a vocalist for such groups as Byron Lee and the Dragonaires and has continued to singing at at major events like the opening of the Bob Marley Memorial Museum and in 2004 opening for Boys II Men on Mtv's spring break series, in her native Jamaica. Here is just one of many albums I will be adding on to the site.

Elsa Green - Singles

These first 3 songs mark the start of the solo career of this woman from Savanna-La-Mar, Jamaica. She started singing at the age of 8 and has since graduated to working with major artists like the late Gregory Isaacs on a Grammy notated album, Bushman and Buju Banton among others. She has a very strong voice, great fot doing Dancehall. I look forward to a full length album from her soon.


The Madness Method - Better Without You (2010)

This recently released 5 track EP come from a somewhat new female fronted group from Melbourne, Australia. Its a good blend of ska and rock with out being too heavy, they call it Spock, I dont think the name will catch on though but the sound is good. Listed under M, Madness Method, The


October 2010


Donkey Show - Just Can't Get Enough of The (1998)

This was an album I had been wanting for some time and I got it on the site yesterday. They hold some great Southern California ska history paving the way for bands like No Doubt. This is like a greatest hits album featuring some studio and live tracks. I am still looking to pick up more music from this group and if I get some I will get it on the station too.


Vic Ruggiero - Vic and Friends Vol. 1 (2010)

I just got this album this afternoon and have not had a chance to listen to all the tracks. From what I have heard so far this album has a excellent collection of songs with Vic Ruggiero, Maddie Ruthless, Lisa Mueller, Fanfara Kalashnikov and more.

Tomorrows Bad Seed - Sacred For Sale

I also picked up this cd at the show on 9/30. This excellent group was on tour up from California and plays a large variety of reggae/rock both fast and slow. Check my videos page for a few live songs from this show.

Northwest Sons - Boundary Line & Change Of Tides (2010)

Fresh of seeing them lastnight here are a few albums of theirs. This band features one member from The Cauze (that I play often) and from Untold Theory and they have a great reggae/rock sound. Check the video page for some videos of their acoustic set.


And this album they have up for free on this site (2009)



September 2010

Sonic Boom Six - Rude Awakening (2010)

A good collection of songs picked by the band that they love to play live. Took my record about 3 weeks to come from the UK but was worth the wait.


The Elixxxirs - Elixxx This (2006)

A slightly older album(2006) but Ive been hearing it on Ska-T’s Scene-ik Drive(from Vancouver, CA)  & decided to get myself a copy. They are another great band from Vancouver CA(Seems to be many excellent bands in the area now) and sporting female vocals. According to their site they should have a new album out soon. When it comes out Ill be sure to get it also. Filed under E -   Elixxxers, The if you are looking for it to make a request.



Maddie Ruthless & The Secret Affair - Hold The Phone (2010)

This album brings good mix bringing her slower rocksteady style together with Fatter Than Albert (aka. The Secret Affair)'s faster style and creates some good traditional sounding songs. If you like it, you can download the album free from her own site... or I bought the vinyl copy and got several free cd's and a patch with it.



MC Lars - This Gigantic Robot Kills (2009)

Even though I got the entire album, I am only adding on this one song, mainly because it features Suburban Legends as the backing band and The MC Bat Commander from the Aquabats doing backing vocals. If you dont know, MC Lars usually does nerdcore or laptop rap as he calls it, I listen to that from time to time. The rest of the album is very good also, with one song saying something like - Im Down at kinkos print off my anti-corporate zine's. Also the song  - Guitar Hero Hero (Beating Guitar Hero Doesn't Make You Slash) - is excellent.


August 2010


The Overlines (Los Overline) - Agua De Jamaica

I got this album after the band posted the download link on their facebook. This group from Mexico plays traditional ska instrumentals and has a great set of female vocalists who perform the non-instrumental songs in Spanish or English. To make a request, look under O - Overlines, The


July 2010


Kinky Coo's Coo's - The Mean Machine - Ep

This is a band I just heard for the first time a few days ago, somewhat like the Pepper Pots but more ska driven. Also coming from Spain they features a pair of female vocalist and a full band of about 10 people. I believe this was their first EP, I am working on getting the full album and I think they just released another EP that I havent found for sale in the US yet.



Reel Big Fish - A Best of Us for the Rest of Us (2010)

There are some people who say the Fishies are sell out because they sold to many albums, I never got that and not sure what the cut-off number is. Others say they do not play ska but they seem to fit in with hundreds of other bands no one has any arguments about. You dont have to like them but they are an important group and a great gateway band that has pulled many people into the ska world.
Anyway, if you dont know they story, RBF was dropped by their old label (Jive) who kept ownership of all the bands recordings, leaving the band with no music. Jive then promptly released a RBF greatest hits album, the band had nothing to do with this album and received nothing for the sales. Now, with a new label, the band re-recorded many of their best songs and also did acoustic versions of a bunch more. I think this album contains something like 36 songs and Best Buy currently has it on sale for 7.99, if you order it online it also has free shipping, or you can get it at some stores. Thats alot of music for the price so I thought it was worth it and will do my part to support RBF so I just bought it today.



Beatdown - The Beatdown

Here is another great album suggested by a listener. It was released about 3 weeks ago and features former members of One Night Band (that I like & play often) and keeps much of the dirty reggae sound they had in the earlier band.



The Fabulous Rudies - Help Me EP

Maybe just called The Fab Rudies now I am putting this new EP on for old time's sake. This was a band I liked very much when they around 2002-2003 when they released an excellent EP. The full length album that followed lost some of the feeling but still had some good songs. It also had a few songs with almost a lounge act sound, maybe they had been stuck with a producer who knew nothing about ska. In the mid-late 2000's I believe they had many personal problems, with members leaving and the band stuck with no musicians. Now reformed and slightly renamed I bought this new EP from CD Baby to check it out. The band has lost even more of its original sound on this release, sounding more like Paramore, but maybe that will serve them well on warped tour. Some of these poor songs are on their 3rd or 4th album/version now and like many Star Wars fans say to George Lucas, stop messing with what was excellent material and write some new stuff for all us fans.



The Slackers - Live on the West Side (2010)

How is this for right to the fans cut out the middle man ? This was recorded live at the Rocksteady Swindle release party Friday June 4th 2010 and released for digital download by the band Tuesday June 8th. Loaded with 26 new, classic & cover songs it's a great set. Only problem was the files would not play on some devices, they were mp3 files but must have used an odd encoding method. I re-encoded them (at a slight quality loss probably) and now they work on everything. I got these tracks 2 weeks ago and maybe they have since fixed the problem and re-encoded them.

Moon - The Moon EP (2010)

Hear is a great local Seattle reggae/rock/ska band that just got out their first EP, I just got it in the mail today from one of the band members and added it to the site. They have several shows listed on their Myspace, if your in the area they are worth checking out.



Kingly T - Rock It With Me (2010)

This nice man sent me some songs of his new album to check out, I thought they were great so he sent the full CD. This album has some solid reggae and it's nice to hear him holding it down with the traditional sound. Kingly T has toured the Caribbean, Japan, Mexico and here in the US. Previously in Jamaica he was part of the group known as Cosmic and has backed many of Jamaica's top artists.


King Hammond - The King And I (2010)

His newest album produced entirely by himself I beleave, was recommended to me by a listener last month. Just got it in the mail from Nick himself. It's a great mix of skinhead reggae/ska/rocksteady/rock and more, covering many musical styles. He is an all around guy & has been worked with The Selector, Bad Manners, Prince Buster and many other greats. He (Nick Welsh) also recently did a pop/rock album with Rhoda Dakar(The Bodysnatchers, Specials and more) that I got as a bonus for ordering this CD.


June 2010


Pama International - Outernational & Highrise

This UK Reggae & Dub groups' latest album Outernational just recently had it's US release. I was sent a few preview songs that were on the site for the last year you many have heard, but now I have the entire album.

Also as a free bonus I got Highrise (maybe because Outer took a rather long time to get after I ordered it). Its a anti-violance compilation album from 2008 with some big names appearing on it.




Kind of Blind - The Blind EP (2010)

A local Seattle ska/punk group that just formed in 2008 but is off to a great start, winning 2 battle of the band contests. This CD was sent in by a friend of the band Robin, who is in the group Moon, who is hoping to have an EP out very soon also.



Engine 54 -Run For The Money (1998)

A great band from Seattle's past, this was their only release (that I am aware of) from 1998. The were active from about 1995-2000 and were actually from Olympia (about 45 minutes down).


The Notables - Quite Notable (1997)

This group also came up in the mid 90's Seattle ska scene but they held it down with the traditional style. One song from their only album made it's way to one of The Sopranos episodes. Filed under N - Noteables



Rude Tuna - Rude Tuna (2010)

This local Seattle band just had their first CD release party June 11th, I will posting videos this week from that show, I do have videos from past shows posted already in the video section. The was self recorded & produced and they did a great job getting it finished.


Crazy 8's - Nervous in Suburbia (1985)

Here is another bit of local ska history. This band form Portland (about 2 hours South) formed at Oregon State University in 1982 and played until 1994, having songs chart on some local radio stations and getting very good press in national magazines and newspapers. That hard work earned them a place in the Oregon music hall of fame. They reformed several years ago and still play from time to time. I recently picked up their 2nd record from 1985 and hope to be adding more of them soonly.


Debonaires - The Debonaires

This is a great band from LA I was told about by a listener. Their style is dirty / skinhead reggae (whatever name you prefer) somewhat like the Aggrolites or Israelites.


This weekend I got packages from Australia & France. I dont know why I can get an album from overseas in 4 days but from New York its over a week..

Allniters - Another Fine Mess & Nowhere Fast (Single)

Another fine band from Australia I found after getting the Ska Skank Down Under comps a few months ago. This album and single was the newest material released by this band in 1999 and 2000, 20 years after their first release. Filed under A, Allniters.


The Deltones - NaNa Choc Choc In Paris (1987)

I actually found this album on Ebay France and it is all printed all in French. This band is a descendant from The Bodysnatchers (who get played often on my site) that unfortunately never released an album before breaking up in 1981, just leaving us with a few scattered singles and songs. Some of that group went to form the all female pop band Bella Stars(who I have but they do not have enough/any ska sound so they are not on the site) you might recognize the Iko Iko song, it was in Rainman & more recently The Hangover.  Anyway enough Wikipedia reading. One of the ladies from The Bodysnatchers went on to form The Deltones in the mid 80's, they have a great 2Tone & female harmony sound, somewhat like The Bodysnatchers or more recently The Pepper Pots, this is an excellent album so enjoy. Filed under D, Deltones.


Boxboys - Uptown Yankee SKA (1980)

Some more digging on Ebay got me this little 7" from 1980. Maybe one of the first ska groups in California & the US this band has a bit of interesting trivia: The singer on these 2 songs is Betsy Weiss, later made famous in the mid 80's in the band Bitch, in part to being the poster child to Tipper Gore's PMRC (Parents' Music Resource Center) to censor what they called indecent music. That is the same group that provided us with the "Parental Warning Explicit Lyrics" tag. That makes record shopping much easier because you can quickly tell the edited albums apart from the unaltered songs and buy the one with the warning so you know you are getting the real thing.


We started off June with a few Moon SKA cd's I got as a bundle. My site seems to be lacking in the 85-95 era ska so here are some to start filling in the gaps.

The Busters - Make a Move.  I have their newest album on the site but this German band has about 16 albums since 1987.

Gangster Politics - Gangster Politics. This was the only full album release from this Montreal band.

Mento Buro - No Dancing Please. From Bakersfield CA they have been playing since 1991 so it's about time I get an album of theirs. They have a nice laid back SKA/Jazz feel.

Skunks - Mixed Nuts. To finish off the coast to coast trip here are the Skunks from Maryland.

The Porkers - Hot Dog Daiquiri. Heavy hitting album from this Australian band. They have about 15 EP's and albums out but this is a start. Filed under Porkers, The



May 2010

Punch The Clown - Each Sold Separately,  Is Caught Red Handed & The Secret Life Of



Jaqee - Kookoo Girl (2009)

This girl born in Uganda who now calls Sweden home has had released 2 earlier albums but lacked any ska feelings. For this 3rd album released in 2009 she tried something new. It has a great mix of soul, ska, reggae and dancehall.


Monkey Business - Untitled 7" Single (1991)

Put out by a local area Seattle band in 1991, that is all I know. I saw this 45 on Ebay and thought it looked interesting. I have not found anything on this band on the web so far, if anyone has info on this them let me know.  Both songs are very good and I would like know if they ever released an album. I included a picture of the disk, but it only gives last names.




Heavy Manners - Politics & Pleasure (1982)

A great band early 80's 2Tone & SKA band from Chicago. I got this when browsing on Ebay, it's a s 6 song record (EP?) from 1982. The fashions on the cover may look dated the style & sound is still great today. Fresh off the record player this morning here it is for your enjoyment. Many of the songs could have been written today with topics like a failing economy and over taxation. BTW: If you like it, the band reformed in 2008 and still plays today.



Kingston A Go-Go - EP

Another new band I found after digging though youtube. Featuring former members of: The Slackers, Monkey, The Allentons, Bim Skala Bim, See Spot, Kingston 10 and other great groups. Their first EP has the great traditional sound.  This description in on their myspace sums it up  "Kingston a Go-Go is a collection of Veteran Ska Musicians all coming together with one goal in mind"Make great Jamaican music"



Dr. Raju- Mister Right & Cuts Deep

A great Australian group Ive came across since I have been digging around for more 85-95 era ska & 2Tone. Surprisingly I found the 7" EP Mister Right & the Cuts Deep LP instock at Interpunk. The albums do not list a release date, I think it was in the 95-97 range.





Scotty Don't - Songs from the Back Porch

This band often plays with it's self. If you are confused, Badfish (a Sublime tribute band) and Scotty Don't are the same band, but they keep a clear line between the two by billing each act separately and keeping 2 web sites. They (SD) recently posted a link to pick up their album for free. They also have many live recordings for free download on their site Scotty Don't and Badish. I have some of these songs on the site already but they were earlier versions I believe.


The Specials - 30th Anniversary Tour

Unfortunately most of us will not get a chance to see them, but at least you can hear what it could have been like. Also unfortunately this dvd is not available in the US or in  NTSC or HD video format. On the plus side this disk is region 0, so it should play on most computers in any country and some dvd players that can support PAL video. I had no problem playing i but I am not posting any videos from it. I suggest if you want to experience the whole thing you get it from Amazon UK. I had it in less than a week.



April 2010

The Closers - The Closers

David from the band was nice enough to send me a copy of their newest album to play for everyone. They are from Orange County, NY and if your in the area you can check them out when they open for Streetlight Manifesto July 31st. Listed under C- Closers, The



The Slackers - The Great Rocksteady Swindle

Sounds like a great album from the samples and previews that I have heard on several shows and podcasts in the last few weeks. It was just officially released today and here it is.

Operation Ivy - Lint: King Of Ska

I'm not entirely sure where this came from. I think its a bootleg 7" from about 1993 with 1 live song and 2 unreleased demo's. Its also a 43 RPM record, kind of weird. Had to record it at 45 and then slow it down about about 2%.



March 2010


DiscoBalls - DiscoVery Channel

This band from The Czech Republic calls their music a ska/soul/surf/punk mixture. I like the sound very much. Since the album sold old they have released it for free on their web site if you want to get it for youself.



Streetlight Manifesto - 99 Songs of Revolution (2010)

A brand new album (released today) of 11 cover songs from 11 different artists. Most of the songs are pretty unique, except maybe Punk Rock Girl that has been covered by many people.


The Amphetameanies - Nothing's OK & Good One Go (singles)

This Scottish group had 2 new singles released on Emusic, so I added them on. Listed under A



At the Seattle SKA fest last weekend I was able to pick up a few new albums. I also got videos of these bands that will be posted soon in the video section.

Warsaw Poland Bros. - Best of Ska and Rocksteady 1995-2005

I saw them for my 2nd time last weekend (actually 3rd since they played both days of the 2 day skafest) and I descided to put on one of their albums.

The Valuables - Three Song Demo (2010)

This band was nice enough to send me their 3 song demo after I got to see them at SKAfest last weekend. They will be soon be recording an EP and from what I have heard of them so far it should be excellent. Listed under V

Skablins - Ska, Tissue (2009)

This is a great high energy band you have to see live if you get the chance. They were one of the surprise bands I had never seen before but will be sure to see them again. With there very danceable songs and a lady who can swing around a baritone sax like it's a alto they are excellent to watch. They hold weekly practice sessions at the Shire Cafe that they have ownership in,  in Arlington, WA.

The Israelites - Jamaican Celebration & Roots

Looking to slow it down with some clean family and workplace acceptable ska ? I enjoyed taking a break from the this mostly ska/punk world when I saw them at skafest last weekend. This excellent band from originally from CA moved North to Portland, OR and has been playing ska the traditional way for about 20 years now. Listed under I



Jan 2010

Chris Murray - Yard Sale

This is an album 15 years in the making, some songs are just the one man band ranging to some sitting in with other bands and artists. I caught him on an interview on KPSU a few weeks ago talking about some of the songs and their meanings. He will also be at Seattle SKAfest next month and I have videos of him posted in the video section.

The Skapitanos - Lonely nights By my side

This band from Germany was nice enough so send free music (again). This time is it a brand new EP, I like the female vocals in these tracks and to bad it's only 3 songs. Listed under Skapitanos, The


Dezil' - Black Queen
Like many albums on my site, it may not be a true ska album ( I found it under Dancehall & Reggae Roots on Emusic ) but since I like it I am putting on the site. My guess is this is the first band on my site from The Republic of Seychelles. According to their facebook it seems they are back together after a break-up.


Toots & The Maytals - Sweet And Dandy
A classic originally released in 1969 then re-released on cd in 1998. This album has the original versions of some of the most covered songs in SKA history. I thought I had this album on the site but must have missed it before.


Lions Club - TV and Movie Themes

Maybe not a thoughtful title but this German import album contains exactly what you would think, cover songs from TV and movie themes.


The Heat Machine - No Coast Dance Party

They were nice enough to post a download link for the new album, so I grabbed it and here it is. I bought the the 12" LP, although its not as convenient in the car. This release marks a fuller sound and new band members since their first EP. The Heat Machine is now a full 110% more hornier, boasting a horn section. All excellent songs, Bear Minimum reminds of of someone I know (who will never visit my site) that spends tons of money to always buy the newest and greatest everything (phones, shoes, clothes, car, etc...) but never seems happy.

Listed under  Heat Machine, The


Ringo SKA - Betolzkahitoparat

What could be better than a German SKA band doing a Beetles cover album ?  Actually they took it seriously and did a very good job. I had an Amazon gift certificate and was looking for something new, so here it is.


Dub City Rockers - Wasting My Time (EP)

They are reggae/dub group from the UK. There are only 3 songs and 1 dub mix on this little album but they have solid sound, so decided to finish off my gift certificate on this EP.


Skaface - Mamooska

I was listening to this in the car the other day and was wondering if I ever added this onto the site. Turns out I never had, so now I did. This was an excellent album put out in 1991 catching the end of the 80's 2tone sound. They are now back together & still playing.


Ruder Than You - Creation Sounds

RTU (now playing over 20 years) was nice enough to send me a link to this free album download. The have some great albums out and I will work on getting a few more.




See more album updates from 2009