December 2011

Sorry for the short album descriptions this month, I was getting behind in adding the newest cd's to this list.


The Slackers - The Radio

A great album of cover songs, going back to the Box Tops and Madonna and The Misfits.


Thanks to Petjoey for sending in  the new song Girl and Alcohol from the Indonesian band he plays in, Dirty Dolls.

and Nathan Lane from Fairhaven for sending in their new single Here To Stay.

The Bandulus - Sneak Peak To....The Times We Had EP(2011)

Great traditional ska, reggae & rockstready from Austin Texas.


Whiskey Avengers - Dead Man Rocking'(2011)

They currently a 4 piece reggae & rocksteady group from San Jose, Cali.


The Israelites - The Seven Inch Sessions, Vol I (2011)

An excellent traditional ska band that currently calls the Portland, Oregon area home. If you like them, I have a few videos from this band posted in the Bob's Ska Videos page. This EP is the first new music released since 2007 and from the sound of it, looks like they are ready for a great full length album, hopefully to follow soon.


The Liptones - The Meaning Of Life(2011)

Rocking Sweden with their powerful European style ska for almost 15 years now, Im always happy to add another of their albums to the site.


The Longshots - The Longshots EP (2011)

Thanks to Eric for sending me the bands EP. The Longshots are from the Portland, Oregon area who got out their first EP earlier this year. They are currently hard at work on their full length album.


King Hammond - Showbiz ! (2011)

Big thanks to the Nick Welsh for sending these cd's out quickly. Fresh out of the mail I haven't even listened to it yet, we can all check it out together. According to his website it's packed full of reggae, rocksteady & ska. Sounds like a winner to me.

King Hammond - Rewind/Remix (2011)

Limited edition and so secret I do know if I should let you all hear it, but I guess. This cd is an official bootleg, contain alternate mixes, radio versions, demo's and a live track.



Mighty Mighty Bosstones - The Magic Of Youth (2011)

It's already been 2 years since the last release, Pin Points and Gin Joints, although it dosen't feel like it. Anyway, from the bits Ive had time to listen to this sounds like a great album, keeping pretty much the same sound as always any Bosstones fan will instantly recognize the band playing these songs. From the impression I get, I would say this album leans more in line with some of their older releases, but my homework for the day is to go listen to the entire album and report back.


Christmas time

For the next 2 weeks I will be mixing in some xmas tunes from time to time. If you can't wait and want to hear them now, send me a message and I will get some on right away.

Thanks to Gordon from the The Amphetameanies for sending in a few tracks.

Also new holiday music this year from The Selector & Staylefish has been added.


Classy San Diego - Fighting the Good Fight EP (2011)

Here is a new release from a band that I just came across. Of course they are from San, they are actually from Oklahoma City, must just like the movie. Anyway, the album was recorded and mixed by their guitar player and it sounds excellent. They are an upbeat 3rd wave band with a lady singer. If you like the album you can pick it up for free, or I suggest you send them a few $$.




Wanted for Cooking -  Fast Food Orchestra (2011)

I haven't had time to listen to this on yet, they are from the Czech Republic, from the bit's Ive heard they sound traditional with the heavy European beat, mixed with a bit of dancehall & rocksteady.You can pick the album for free for send them a few Czech korunas if you are able.


November 2011


Jimmy Cliff - Scared Fire EP (2011)

Here is the 2nd installment of 3 parts to the Jimmy Cliff / Tim Armstrong duo. First the single that dropped last month, this EP and a full album is to follow early next year.  The EP has excellent covers from Rancid, The Clash and Bob Dylan along with an original song and a dub of the Guns Of Brixton.You can pick it up on download, cd or vinyl.


Bombskare - A Fistful Of Dynamite (2009)

Thanks to Scott for sending these 2 great cd's my way and getting the guys together for some promos . Bombskare is a excellent 9 piece group from Edinburgh, Scotland. My first impression of their sound is it's based in traditional ska with that heavy European beat, with some of the pop feel of 3rd wave (mainly in a song saying nothing good came from the 90's, was this on purpose maybe ?) and with the harmonica a bit reminiscent of a 2Tone Bad Manners.  Anyway, I could be wrong, Ive only had time to listen to the album once on the way home lastnight. Put in a request to check them out, you will not be disappointed.


Bombskare - The Chop Shop EP (2011)



Esperanza -  Permanent Ska(2011)

Thanks to Fraser Gibson for letting me know about his bands new (April 2011) album. They are an excellent 8 piece band from Glasgow, playing faster yet still traditional sounding music. The current US/UK conversion added a few $ to the price of this album but it will be well worth it.



Dan P and The Bricks - Watch Where You Walk(2011)

Excellent album many of us have been reading about recently,  featuring Dan Potthast (MU330, solo work & many side projects) along with some members of Slow Gherkin. Loaded up with horns and prominent organ the songs sound just as a ska fan would hope for.


Mr. T-Bone & The Young Lions - Nothing To Lose(2011)

Mr. T-bone, from Italy, returns to give us another excellent traditional ska and rocksteady album with the slightly heavy European edge.



Thanks to Asian Man Records for having an overstock blowout sale last week. Here is the first batch of cd's I had time to put in.


No Authority - Don't Loose Heart(2008)                


Potshots - Dance To The Potshot Record(2011)


Slow Gherkin - Death Of A Ska Band_ Rarities 1994-2002


Vic Ruggiero And Kepi Ghoulie - The New Dark Ages(2010)


The Blue Meanies - A Sonic Documentation Of Exhibition And(1998)


The Chinkees -Peace Through Music(1999)





King Kong Girio (self titled EP 2011)

Thanks to Mitch Girio (worked with King Appratus, Kingpins, Fabulous LoLo, Planet Smashers, One Night Band & more) for sending me the link to his project. You can download the album for free or send a few $$ if you are able to.


The Kinky Coo Coo's - Tons Of Fun (Single 2011)

Just 2 songs but both great from this traditional style band from Spain.


October 2011


Stop The Presses - Does It Still Look Pretty (2011 EP)

You may have heard me play a few songs (The Mayor & Sweetheart) from this excellent female fronted band from Florida, but now they have a 5 song EP out for everyone's enjoyment.

Rude Zombie - Stay Sharp (2011)

This is a great band from Virginia Beach, VA who I recently discovered after they announced a tour with Big D. They have a wide range of styles and they are lead by a strong female vocalist.



September 2011


Original Middle age Ska Enjoy Club - Live from the Queen of Hearts (2011)

Traditional ska from down the road in Portland, OR. Their is their first release, it was recorded live at a show in Dec 2010 and put out a few months later. It's available as a free download or if you are able, give them a few $.


Thanks to Lorraine Muller (you may know her from the Kingpins) for sending a few of her other great works my way.

Lo and the Magnetics - A Part (2004)


The Fabulous LoLo  (2011)


The Georgetown Orbits - Supersonic(2011)

Fresh off the presses and thanks to anyone who may have seen, shared or donated to the Kickstarter campaign to get their album finished. I hear a video is soon to follow. This is the 2nd album for Seattle keepers of the traditional ska, following that style this album mixes in several great instrumental tracks and makes for the complete package. Listed under G, Georgetown Orbits, The


The Selecter - Made In Britain (2011)

Great new album from one of Britain's 2tone legendary bands. You may have heard the song "Big In The Body, Small In The Mind", that was the albums first single, released in May. The rest of the album is just as good, full of great traditional Selecter style and sound.



August 2011

Minor updates - Added on a number of older albums and singles from bands like The Wailing Wailers, Max Romero, Johnny Nash and more.


The Steakouts - The Big Misteak EP (2011)

Thanks to Michael Jacobs from this Rochester,NY ska/punk band who send in their first EP and some stickers for my wall. A full length album and tour is in the works and we will keep you updated soon as that happens.


The Void Union - Higher Guns (2011)

Great album from this Boston band featuring guest appearances by artists like Dave Hillyard, King Django, Angelo Moore and others. They recorded the album in using a more traditional style, skipping the impersonal studio tracking. During recording they purposely left open areas that could be filled in by guest musicians.


Smoke Like A Fish - Blood, Fish & Bone (2011)

This is the farewell album from this great UK band, Im guess that is why the album art reminds me of a piggy thats saying all folks.


Buster's Ska Battalion - Ska For Heroes (2011)

A 3 track EP from Buster Bloodvessel (Bad Manners front man for over 30 years) with sales benefiting charities that help British ex-servicemen and woman.


The Crombies - Blood & Fire  7" (2011)

This is a great new to me band on a mission and restoring that 2Tone sound.  Listen to it and you would be sure they are UK's finest, infact they are from Chicago. I am esxcited to see what this bands comes up with on a full album.


Rivers Avenue - Listen and Repeat (2011)

Thanks to Mario from the band for sending me info on the band, they excellent group from Austria.


Keyser Soze - But Not For You (2011)

If you have browsed though the video section, you may have seen a few videos I made of them in 2010. I was able to pick up an album recently of this Reno, NV band, they are made up of many excellent musicians who came together to start this group.


July 2011


Island Bound - Island Bound EP (2011)

Pretty simple, saw them at a show lastnight, liked their island reggae style, bought their EP, and here it is.


The Planet Smashers - Descent Into The Valley Of...(2011)

Back after a 6 year break this album continues exactly where the previous albums left off. The songs are the fun 3rd wave style that the Smasher' fan expect and this album delivers. Not much else I can say, check it out youself.


Simmertones - Everything's Comin' Up Ska EP (2011)

Great but short follow-up to their 2009 debut album that I just discovered a few months ago. Has an excellent cover of King Of Ska.



Big D And The Kids Table - For The Damned, The Dumb & The Delirious(2011)

I've been out of town for 2 weeks now and have not had time to give the album a proper listening, but from what I have been able to listen to it's a solid album, keeping the style and sound you would expect. Put in a request or visit the Amazon link and give it a listen for yourself.




June 2011

Bad Manners - Live In Seattle 5/18/2011

Bob's Ska Radio exclusive tracks  - Thanks to sax player Matt Mason and the rest of the band for letting me play these tracks I recorded for use in the videos (posted in Bob's Ska Videos) on the site.


The Soulicitors - Flow (2011)

Thanks to Joel for sending in their newest single from this great Canadian group. Hopefully an album is soon to follow.



Kevin Batchelor - Kevin Batchelor's Grand Concourse (2011)

I picked up this album after seeing The Skatalies in Seattle a week ago. Kevin Batchelor is the current front man and trumpet player with The Skatalites and has been a part of many other greats bands. If you liked their style of original ska sounds they you will like this album he put together with a very experienced lineup of backing members.


The Selector - Big In The Body Small In The Mind (2011)

First single from this original 2tone UK band , it's off the new album that is due out at the end of the summer. No doubt I will be adding that album as soon as it's released. Show your support for the band by picking up a copy of this single from your favorite music site.



May 2011


The Northwest Sons - Out Of The Rain (2011)

This marks the 3rd full album release for this local group. Keeping with their other albums, The Sons' have found a perfect mixture of reggae, ska and a bit of rock. With the upbeat mellow songs you will think they must be singing from the warm waters of Southern CA or maybe the shores of Hawaii when in fact they are here from the cloudy and rainy city of Seattle. I have some videos from an acoustic show they did back a year ago posted in the video section if you want to take a look.


The Bastard Sons - Dropping Expectations

Thanks to Andrew for sending in several tracks of their albums. This groups is from Atlanta, GA and their music has a mix of reggae, rock, punk and ska. Listed under B, Bastard Sons



The Simmertones - Presenting The Simmertones, Volume 1 (2009)

I just stumbled across this group while browsing Youtube and happened to see a Dr. Who ska cover song, can't pass that up. Their cover was very well done so I got the entire album. This is an excellent group and I'm sorry I never heard of them before, according to their site they play "proper ska" and I would agree.  The Simmertones are from Torbay in the UK.




The One Droppers - The Big One (2011)


Thanks to Olly from Rocking Records for sending in the debut album from this great band out of Milano, Italy, who I never had come across before. It's actually not scheduled for release for a few more days, so enjoy the preview and pre-order the album from your favorite site. They hold it down with the more traditional style, you would never know it was the bands first album, the music is top notch. Listed under O, One Droppers, The


Moon - The Landing (2011)

The first full length album from this fine Seattle ska/reggae/rock band. Robin (guitar in the band) was kind enough to send this album in just a few days ago. So here it is for your enjoyment. I also have several videos of this band posted and should have a few more after Memorial Day weekend.


Bobby Pins & The Saloon Soldiers - Dancing On The Moon (2011)

This is a band I just discovered and know little about besides what's on their facebook. They are a soulful ska & rocksteady group from Germany, featuring a trio of female singers along with an excellent band. The album features a mix of instrumental songs along with songs featuring the trio. Not much else to say so put in a request and check them out !


April 2011


The Amphetameanies - Another Train / Be Yourself (2011)

Thanks to Gordy for sending in 2 new tracks from their upcoming new album,  Revenge Of The Meanies, due out this summer. Listed under A, Amphetameanies, The


Bigger Thomas - Steal My Sound (2010)

Since I have been reading the ska blog written by the bass player Marco for several years I figured it was time I bought one of the fine albums his band has put out. The newest album (May 2010) was recorded at Version City Studios in NJ and was produced and mixed by King Django, who the runs that fine studio. It has a very fun style and I will look at getting a few of their older albums as soon as I can.


The Melodramatics - The Melodramatics (2011)

This album hit just shelves and digital stores few weeks ago and it's sounded excellent so I picked it up. The Melodramatics another band with no single description, maybe someplace from reggae rock with horns to California style 3rd wave. Listed under M, Melodramatics, The.



March 2011

Sand Section – Truth Over Harmony (2010)

Sand Selection is one of those bands who it is hard to give a label, but I think surf influenced reggae rock would be a good description. They are from California and since this is their debut album I would expect to hear much more about this band once their music gets out. Whats also cool they put it out for a free download, click on the link below. It would be cool do give them a donation but it's optional.

Psycho - Psychoman

Thanks to Novrizal for sending me this song, Psycho is an excellent band from Indonesia.


Dirty Revolution - Before The Fire (2010)

I was told about this group by a listener who is also a band member of Stop The Presses. They have the UK punk/rock/ska/reggae sound with lots of energy.



Stop the Presses - The Mayor (SINGLE)

Thanks for Ali for sending this single my way. The is a great sounding female led group from Miami, FL. They are working on getting an album out soon and I will add that on soon as it's available.


Carlos Dingo - Ska Is Dangerous (2010)

This was a solo/spinoff project from the keyboard player from Red Soul Community. The songs are mostly uptempo instrumentals and with lots of organ(I like that) and it's definitely worth checking out.

Danny Rebel & the KGB -Soul Shaker (2010)

Canada is putting out lots of great new music and here is another fine example. After the 2010 Victoria skafest I heard people talking / posting about this band both online and on ska radio programs who hosts were able to attend and every had good things to say. DR&TKGB was kind enough to send me their album that came out last August and an earlier 5 song demo.


Rocksteady The Roots Of Reggae - Soundtrack (2010)

This was an excellent film documenting many of the still living Jamaican artists who made the transition from the faster ska to the more laid back rock steady area of the mid 60's. Each telling some of their story, showing them in the studio re-recording their hits, made famous 40 years ago, for this soundtrack and all leading up to an all-star rock steady concert. The movie is a must watch, very well made.


Firebug - Firebug (2003)

Thanks to drummer Rodrigo for sending these albums my way. I recently saw him here in Seattle backing Chris Murray and playing with his other band, Easy Big Fella (Check the videos page).   Firebug is an excellent band from Brazil who I just recently found.


Firebug - Outra Coisa (2009)

The Newest release, Chris Murray appears on one of the songs (Wasting Time).




Staylefish - Colour By Numbers (2009)


Thanks for Rich from sending a copy of this album my way. Some of the music I play is not true ska, but I think most fans can appreciate some good reggae/rock. This album carries on the same excellent style and sound from their last album, that I play quite often.


Feb 2011

The Aggrolites - Rugged Road (2011)

Here is the brand new album from the Aggrolites, released today. This is a collection of songs released as 45's and singles. I'm sure most everyone knows their sound that has been called dirty reggae or skinhead, it's a laid back tempo somewhat like traditional ska mixed with a bit of soul and rock. This album pretty much follows the others, if your a fan of the 'lites then this album will not disappoint. Maybe a little variety between the songs as compared to their last album IV, and only with 10 tracks (IV had 21) but the songs are all solid. Listed under A, Aggrolites, The



The Unlimiters - The Unlimiters (2010)

This is the debut album for this group from Berlin, Germany. They have an excellent traditional style mixed with rocksteady and soul with both male and female vocals. To make it easier to find on the request pages, they are listed under U -  Unlimiters, The

The Diablotones - Take The Skinheads Bowling

Special thanks for the D-Tones for letting me use this live cover track of Camper Van Beethoven's classic song during my all cover sets, at Noon & Midnight Pacific Time. The video for the song is here.


The Allsorts - Happy Happy Happy (1991)

This was somewhat an obscure and rare album, took about a year of looking and 6 months of a saved search at Ebay before it popped up. Luckily the album is in great shape and sounds excellent. They were a 3rd wavish band from Australia, their sound may be comparable to The Donkey Show. Some songs have a female singer, some a guy and some songs alternate back and forth. This is an album that could have been released last week or 20 years ago and would still be great. As far as I know this was the only album released by The Allsorts and a single of one of the songs. I discovered this band after the Seattle band Natalie Wouldn't covered one of their songs several years ago.  Listed under A-  Allsorts, The



The Scofflaws - Live From Outer Space (1996)

Looking to fill in more music from the mid 80 - early 90's I happened to see this album and since I dont have of of their music, I thought I should buy it. I'd like to add the rest of their albums when I get a chance. They are a great group from NY who still play local shows from time to time, although they havent released any new material for about 12 years, maybe one day they will make a comeback.



Jan 2011


Red Soul Community - What Are You Doing ? (2010)

Here is the newest album from this band I just recently discovered. They are from Spain & feature female vocals and a slow rocksteady beat so you know it will be on my site. One song features Chris Murray on vocals, he seems to pop up about everywhere I would not have expected him on an album from Spain but he must have found his way over there sometime. If your looking to buy this great album in the US, email the good people at Jump Up Records.


The Valuables - The Valuables (2010)

Here is the first self titled EP from this great band from BC Canada that could be called soulful ska. I have been a fan since seeing them live last year in Seattle and picked up their their 3 song demo, I also have videos of them on my video page. Listed under V, Valuables, The


King Hammond - Jacuzzi (2010)

The follow up to last years great album, The King and I. This an excellent mixture of reggae, rock and bits of many other styles. I just got it and have to give it a few good listens, took about 3 weeks to get to me from the UK, I was checking the mail every day for it


4 Point 0 - Go Outside, the College Try & Making The Grade ! EP

Thanks to Eddie from this 8-piece ska/rock/punk band from Syracuse, NY for sending in these albums. This description of their styles was listed on their site: "Although their songwriting is influenced by such bands as Streetlight Manifesto, Less than Jake, and the Flaming Tsunamis, 4 Point 0 resists a simple genre classification. Their songs can range from driving rock to swing to pop, but all are driven by the force of 4 Point 0’s four-man horn line. "


The Soulicitors- What You Need (2010)

Continuing the trend from last year, we have another great group from Canada. They have a nice reggae/rock/rocksteady/3rd Wave sound that you can listen to all night. One question, why do Canadian bands seem to all say Ohh No No No...


Mystic Roots Band - Cali-Hi (2010)

This band from Chico, CA covers many musical styles in this one album. Mainly a reggae/rock group this album also has hip-hop, dub, rock and even beat-boxing.

Subb - Zero to Zero (2010)

This is newest album from long time Canadian ska/punk band Subb. This is a B-sides and unreleased song collection. I was somewhat disappointed by it, I guess most of their best music made it to their past cd's already. I got about half way though before I heard a song that sounded like what I was expecting from them. So I would recommend previewing the songs before buying the entire album, there may only be a few tracks you like.



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