Some artists starting with 'The' may be listed under their second word. IE: The Beatdown will be listed under B, Beatdown, The

December 2012


Dave Hillard and The Rocksteady 7 - Friends & Enemies (2012)

Thanks for Steve from Big Demon Publicity for sending in some tracks off the new album. David Hillyard & The Rocksteady Seven are a ska / jazz group formed in 1998 by tenor saxophonist Dave Hillyard, most well known from The Slackers.


The Holophonics -  MaSKArades Vol. 2: Happy SKAnukkah (2012)

A late entry that just made it into the holiday playlist.


One Drop - All I want For Christmas If You (2012)

Great new single, just in time for the holidays from One Drop, out of San Diego California.


The Taj Motel Trio - Pretzels & Beer for Santa (2008)

Thanks to TTMT for putting their album up for free download.


December 2012

The Action - Tangled In The Lights (2012)

Just in time for the holidays The Action! is out with their newest album. The band is out of Syracuse, NY, their music combines ska, punk, jazz and rock. Formally known as Skatos, The Action! was formed in 1998 and quickly gained a devoted following throughout the region.


The OC Supertones - For The Glory (2012)

Back together after a several year hiatus with their 8th album, thanks again to a successful Kickstarter campaign,  this 3rd wave faith based band is showing they have what it takes.


November 2012


Skavengers - The Amsterdam Shipment & It's A demo


Thanks to René in Odense, DK, for sending in his band's albums.






Fayetteville Ska Alliance - Merry, Happy, Jolly, Good Time (2012)

Thanks to Chris for sending in a great, just released Christmas Ska Album. You might just want to listen to it all year. Hit up their website to order a copy for yourself, as a bonus, your support from buying the album is being paid back to the Spay Arkansas and the Northwest Arkansas Spay and Neuter Clinic.


Strada9 - Ska All Ye Faithful (2012)

Thanks to Peter for sending in the bands new Christmas album. They are an 11 piece group from Melbourne, Australia and I will defiantly look into getting more of their music as soon as iit's available.



Less Than Jake - Greetings & Salutations (2012)

Gainesville Florida's' own ska/rockers are back with a full album containing tracks from 2 earlier EP's and 2 new tracks.


The Holophonics - Squeeze (2012)

Everyone knows ska covers are cool (almost as cool as bow ties), so thanks to John for sending in this bands newest album. The album features such all time classics as Call Me Maybe, Buddy Holly (From Weezer, not Buddy Holly's songs), Never Getting Back Together, Uptown Girl and more.


Get Down Moses - Getting Down With Moses (2012)

This 4 piece garage/reggae/rock band from here in Seattle has not been regularly playing shows since the fall of 2010, but their long awaited album has finally seen the light of day. Hit up their soundcloud page to download the entire album (in high quality uncompressed audio even) for free, along with B sides songs from earlier EP's.



Madness: Oui Oui Si Si Ja Ja Da Da (2012)

The words in the title translate from various languages to yes. This, the 10th album from Madness, was just released at the end of October and here it is.


Ten Bob Notes

A new 7 piece line up with members from what was previously known as Chunky Kustard, a five piece Ska’s Surf Punk band from Newquay, Cornwall UK. They only have 3 songs out, but they are excellent and the band is headed back to the studio on January.


Stuart and The Juice Tigers

Thanks to SATJT, coming out of Farmington, New Mexico, for sending in their songs.


Pressure Cooker - Wherever You Go (2012)

This marks the 7th album from this 15 year veteran traditional ska & reggae group from Boston, MA. Thanks to everyone who helped fund the kickstarter campaign they were able to quickly finish up the album.



October 2012

Junior Toots - A Little Bit Of Love (2012)

Thanks to Amanda at Royal Management for sending in the latest album from Junior Toots,aka Clayton Hibbert, son of Toots Hibbert (Toot and the Maytals). This album, his 4th, incorporates Ska, dancehall beats, up-tempo and catchy riddims, Toots describes his sound as original roots.


Irae Divine -

Thanks again to Amanda at Royal Management for sending in Irae's album. Originally from Jersey City, New Jersey, and later Philadelphia, Irae began singing at an early age, later involvement with an R&B band eventually lead Irae to the Heart Felt Pulse of Reggae Music.




The Brass Action - Hell O' Clock (2012)

This excellent band from Vancouver, BC is high-energy, 5-piece band horn-driven ska at its finest!


The Brass Action - Now This Is Happening (2011)

Thanks to the Brass Action for hooking me up with their previous album.




Bumpin' Uglies - Free Candy (2011)

Thanks to Brandon for personally hooking me up with the bands' cd at a recent show in Seattle. They are a reggae/rock & ska band from Annapolis, MD. Definitely worth checking out for fan of bands like Tomorrow's Bad Seeds, Mike Pinto, Passafire, Slightly Stoopid and Sublime.



Ska Face - That Difficult First Album (2012)

Thanks to Tony for sending me this fine album and a shirt all the way from Blackpool in the UK. They are a 10 piece band who's all diy, including put out the album on their own label.




September 2012


Ska Is Dead Series 2 - Various Artists (2012)

Another shipment of little spinny disks. This set features Chewing On Tinfoil from Dublin, Ireland, Vic Ruggiero (slackers) from New York, NY, Green Room Rockers from Chicago, IL, King Django from New Brunswick, NJ, Dave Hillard and the Rocksteady 7 from New York, NY, The Fad from Long Island, NY, Suburban Legends from Orange County, CA and Five Iron Frenzy from Denver, CO.


Maddie Ruthless - Be My Baby 7" Single (2012)


Roy Ellis - You can't Leave Now 7" Single (2012)


The Big Ska Gamble - Various Artists (2012)

For the kickstarter supporters the gamble paid off. The Big Ska Gamble is an old fashion record of the month club with great new music from your favorite (or soon to be) ska artists.

In this first set we have: The Action League from San Luis Obispo, CA,  Lockstep from Indianapolis, IN, The Georgetown Orbits from Seattle, WA(With guests Billy Geoghegan(Stingers), Lynval Golding(Specials) Bridget Roney and Mark Watson) and The Shifters from Washington D.C.


Phoenix City All-Stars - Two Tone Gone Ska (2012)

While the typical cover song is an older song all souped up, on this album they took some classic 2Tone music and slowed it down to a traditional ska beat.


Deal's Gone Bad - Welcome To The Vault (1998-2002)

I had a chance to pick up the 3 cd set of early DGB works, so I did.


The Shifters - In It ! (2012)

Hot off the presses (vinyl presses) here is a great EP from the Washington DC based rocksteady group.


The Beatdown -Walkin' Proud (2012)

This new cd follows their 2010 debut album. The Beatdown are an excellent band with the dirty reggae sound, from Montreal Quebec Canada,  featuring members from the great  One Night Band, among others.



The Agents - Steady Forward (2012)

Here is what I think is the first band I have played from Providence RI. This album mixes traditional ska and rocksteady with a heavier European sound and has an excellent feel.


August 2012

The Steakouts - Gather 'Round For Some Culture (2012)

As promised on their EP released last August, this Rochester, NY band is back with this brand new full length album.


2000 Tons Of TNT - Reggae Mysteria (2012)

Great band from Rochester, NY, since Im short on time Ill just copy their Facebook - Their raw take on vintage reggae is fused with garage, psychedelic rock, and soul on their debut album Reggae Mysteria.


Fairhaven - Cliffs Of Ben Dover (2012)

Here is a great new ska/punk album coming out of Davenport, Iowa. Big thanks to Nathan for keeping me updated on the album and sending in the previous songs.


The Longshots - These Parasites (2012)

Here is another great band coming out of Oregon. The Longshots are here with their first full album and it's excellent. When you first see them take the stage you start thinking here is another bunch if ska-punk kids, then they start playing and you are in for a night of real ska and rocksteady. For those who listed to Seattle Skafest Day 2 live on the site earlier this year, you got to hear them play. Here are some videos I made at that show.



July 2012


Reel Big Fish - Candy Coated Furry (2012)

Today is the day and they are back with an entirely new album. Although there is no mistaking it's RBF as soon as you put it on, it has a wider mix of styles than past releases and since the band has now been playing for over 20 years, maybe you can call it a more grown up sound. There are those who say RBF is not ska, has sold out and the like, I will say I support the Fish. If anything they are a great gateway ska band, pulling the kids in and hopefully showing them there is more to music than what's on the radio, maybe playing at a packed show with some fine local talent opening.




The Fundamentals - Get Alright (2012)

You may have had heard some of the earlier demos and EP played on the site, now this Canadian band a shiny new album out. After the kickstarter campaign, the songs were recorded and mixed with help from Mitch Girio (worked with King Apparatus, Kingpins, Fabulous LoLo, Planet Smashers, One Night Band & more) and now ready for our enjoyment.


Jimmy Cliff - Rebirth (2012)

The full album followup to the EP released several months ago. Produced by Tim Armstrong (Rancid, Op Ivy) who also lent some of his musical talent to the tracks.


Specialized: a Modern Take On Specials Classics (2012)

This is a excellent use of nearly two and a half hours covering 43 songs made famous by the Special.  First it's a great sampling of many bands I've never come across before and then all proceeds benefit the British Teenage Cancer Trust.



June 2012


The Mighty Fishers - Where Are You (2012)

For lovers of traditional rocksteady, this is an all star band formed from The Pannonia Allstars Ska Orchestra, Three Teadies and Dubaku. It's a band I recently discovered on bandcamp and is putting out excellent music from Budapest, Hungry.


The Ska Vengers

Thanks to Stefan for sending in some tracks off the bands upcoming album. The Ska Vengers are an 8 piece band from New Delhi, India who have been together since 2009.  They feature a strong female vocalist and the bands style ranges from more traditional ska & rocksteady mixed some reggae, dub and punk.


I was lucky enough to find out about Jump Up Records secret Memorial Day Sale and score these albums.

Lloys Brevett and the Skatalites - African Roots (1997)


Doreen Shaffer - Groovin' With The Moon Invaders (2009)


Kingston Kitchen -Today's Special (2007)


RokkaTone - In This Life (2007)



Mr. T-Bone - Heroes (2009)



Firebug - On the Move (2006)

An excellent traditional rocksteady & ska band from Brazil.


Stubborn Allstars -At Version City (1999)




Crazy Baldhead - Crazy Baldhead Has a Posse (2005)



May 2012



Big up's to the band for taking the time to send in about 17 albums. Check out their facebook for free downloads and other cool stuff.




The Forthrights -  The Forthrights (2012)

A four piece rocksteady band based out of Brooklyn, The Forthrights bring hard-hitting Jamaican rhythm combined with a 60s take on rock and roll.



The Skamonics - Hello Pork Pie Hat (2009)

Thanks to T-bone player, Nigel,  for sending in their excellent album. The Skamonics are a London based ska band, playing a unique mix of authentic 60s ska, two-tone and completely unexpected covers.


Hollie Cook - Prince Fatty Presents Hollie Cook In Dub (2012)

Thanks to Gavin for sending in this excellent album. Re-working Miss Cook’s tracks in a dub style, the legendary Prince Fatty adds heavy bass and reverb texture to Hollie’s beautiful, captivating vocals.


The Funnel Heads - Singles

Thanks for Alexander for sending in several song from The Funnel Heads. They are from Dana Point CA, and according to their site, are not to be taken lightly. Mixing a huge mash up of all music that isn’t lame, they have developed their own original sound.


April 2012


Western Standard Time - A Big Band Tribute to the Skatalites (2012)

Just what the name says, a big band made up of an excellent set of musicians, covering classic Skatalites songs. For those wanting the highest quality, you can purchase uncompressed wav files directly of the bands web site (the last "buy cd' button).


Carlos Dingo - Nadie está a salvo (2012)

Thanks for Carlos Dingo for sending me the link to his newest album. He is the keyboard player for Red Soul Community and also works on his own projects. He has this album up for free download on bandcamp.


Cornerstone 96-98 - Cornerstone (2012)

Cornerstone (also the name of a Bob Marley tune) were an excellent band out of Vancouver, WA. The recorded an album back about 15 years ago that never quite got finished or released. The label was running into cash flow problems, band members were feeling pressure of family life and they eventually broke up. This band had a uncommon style with the lead singer also plays an upright bass (check the youtube link below for a live clip). Now the recording have been professionally mastered and ready to see the light of day after all this time. Proceeds from this album will benefit The National Brain Tumor Society in the name of, Joshua Dalton, the bands founder and bassist who is just lost his battle with cancer weeks after this album was released. Although the band has been broken up for many years now, their music can now  be properly enjoyed and remembered. Several members from Cornerstone are now in the Portland, OR band, The Sentiments, and from time to time cover their bands old songs.


Suburban Legends - Day Job (2012)

Great new album from this Southern California band. First time I saw this group was at Ska Summit 2003 in Vegas, with the guys running though the crowd while still playing their horns on wireless mics and someones mom selling their cd's in the back. I'm happy to say the style and sound of this cd bring the band back closer to their ska/pop beginnings. It's looses alot of the pop boy band & disco sound that had gotten mixed up in their style on the last few albums.  Includes 2 great covers that the band has always played live but never put on a cd before.


Call Me Malcolm - Check Sells EP (2012)

This band is a four piece Ska/Punk band from London. They have only been together since 2011 and have recently released a 3 song EP, available as a free download on bandcamp.



March 2012

Crazy Baldhead - Cutback Single (2012)

Crazy Baldhead AKA Agent Jay AKA Jayson Nugent has played with too large a number of bands for me to list, lets just say he is an experienced musician.  Here is a brand new single released on 7" (Slackers on backside) on the revived Simmerdown Productions label, out of Portland, OR.  Proceeds from the sales of this limited edition (300) album benefit the Occupy moment.



Original High Five - The Creation Of.. (2012)

Thanks to the band for sending in some music for me to check out. They are a 7-member ska-collective from Stockholm, Sweden. They just released their first full length album and it's excellent.





Bombskare - Straight To Tape EP (2012)

Thanks to Scott for sending some songs from their newest project. Straight To Tape is just what it sounds like, everyone playing live in the studio, effects and mixing done in real time and the mix put down to 1/2 inch 2 track tape.  Whats recorded to the tape can go right to the presses, no post production or editing will be done. I like this way of recording over tracking, when you get the band all together playing live, they put more energy into the music as opposed to 1 or 2 guys coming in after work and recording their bit and heading home.

The band has free downloads of this project on their soundcloud page.



The Sentiments - The Sentiments EP (2012)

The Sentiments are an excellent up and coming traditional ska & rocksteady band from the revived Portland, Oregon scene. They feature past members of such great groups as Easy Big Fella, Franceska and Cornerstone. KPSU's own 16+ year host of Rude Boys Revenge and Coffee Hour, Matthew Griffin AKA DJ. Simmerdown, holds down the beats on drums.  While this first EP is only 4 songs I expect to hear more great from this band soon.




Mike Pinto -Little District (2005)  &  The Mike Pinto Band - The West Is Wild (2011)

An excellent reggae/rock trio from California, I recently saw them opening for the Aggrolites in Portland.



Feb 2012


Special thanks to Jon Wayne and The Pain for sending in several tracks.



Alific - Dub In The District(2011)

Thanks to B-Boy (Brendan Dane) for sending in his new album. It's a great mix of reggae, roots, rock & dub coming out of D.C and was entirely self produced.


Rocksteady Breakfast - Rocksteady Breakfast(2011)

Helping hold down the ska scene in Minnesota, they released this album in September and now it's up for a free download from their bandcamp page.


The Pinstripes - I (2012)

Thanks to the good people from The Counter Rhythm Group for sending in this fresh of the presses new album. The Pinstripes play an excellent mix of music ranging from slow reggae jams to rocksteady and uptempo ska with a traditional feel. This is a serious and hard working group, the pay off has been winning the Cincinnati entertainment award for best world band in 2007, 2009 and 2010 and putting out excellent albums.



Jan 2012



Voodoo Glow Skulls - Break The Spell (2012)

Newest release for this long time hard hitting band from California. They just started a tour supporting their new album, so be sure and check the website or FB for dates near you.



Rude King - Ruder, Better, Faster, Stronger (2011)

Rude King is a great high energy band from Dallas, TX, they feature a 7 piece band with guy & girl lead singers. This is their 2nd release and their first full album.


The Shifters - The Shifters EP (2010)

This is a great EP released a year or 2 ago now,  featuring 5 tracks from this traditional sounding D.C area ska and rocksteady band.



Miacca - With Love & Anger EP (2011)

Thanks to Aislinn for sending me a link to this South Wales UK band he plays in. Great acoustic feel, can't wait for a full album.


Hollie Cook - Hollie Cook (2011)

I discovered this fine album after it was named on several ska and reggae sites as a possible on their best of 2011 lists. Hollie Cook is daughter of the Sex Pistols drummer Paul Cook. This, her first solo album, produced by Prince Fatty, also featured support from George Dekker (The Pioneers) and Dennis Bovell.


Octopus Prime - Inked EP (2011)

I admit I got this album mainly for their name, but this band from Germany is actually quite good. It's a free download on their web site.


Longshot - Unreleased (2011)

This album as you may guess, contains recorded songs that were never released from Longshot (from Massachusetts, not The Longshots from Oregon or the several country bands called Longshot, or the hardcore Longshot). This band was previously S.M.A, and later reformed with the new name. The album is available for free, or you can send them a few $$ if you are able to.


S.M.A - A Day On The Farm (1996)

S.M.A later reformed into Longshot, this was their earlier music with the original lineup.The album is available for free, or you can send them a few $$ if you are able to.