December 2013


(monkeysphere) - Week Of (monkeysphere) (2013)Thanks to Jay for sending in the bands info, they have an EP of their demo's up for free download on bandcamp. They are from Dallas, Texas and describe themselves as 'A post ska revelation incarnated in a group of musical misfits bringing an inspired blend of punk, surf, psychedelic and garage rock'.



Ten Bob Notes: 6 Balls More Than Me (2013)

New EP out for this band from Newquay, Cornwall UK, you can get it for free from links on their page.




The Holophonics - MaSKArades Vol. 4: Happy SKAnukkah Now Redux (2013)

Just in time for the holidays, they are back with a EP for your Christmas Partys.



The Delegators - All Aboard (2013)

Big thanks to Leon for sending in this album. The Delegators are from London and have a great traditional soulful rocksteady sound.



Be Like Max - Tryin To Fit In ....Ur Mom (2013)

Thanks to Max (I guess) for sending in the bands new album. BLM is a ska/punk out of Las Vegas, NV. Their album is available for free on their bandcamp page.



Stacked Like Pancakes - Setting the Table (2013)

Thanks to Andrew for sending in the 'Cakes newest album. They are from Baltimore, MD and you can pick it up this album for free on their bandcamp page. You can also pick up a live dvd for $10.



 Kalles Kaviar - Volume 6 (2013)

Great new album from this group from Basel, Switzerland.



November 2013


Jackie Mendez - Introducing... (2013) EP

A fairly new artist coming out of LA, this is her debut album with backing by the Hurricanes. Jackie is bringing back the timeless rocksteady sound in a big way. I can't wait to see what the future brings.




Beebs and her Money Makers - How To Start A Dance Party (2013)

This EP came out just in time for their recent tour with Reel Big Fish. You may have heard the first single off the album, a cover of Wrecking Ball, getting some play over the last month.



Less Than Jake - See The Light (2013)Still going strong from Gainesville Florida, LTJ has a new album out and are just finishing up a tour in support of the new cd. I'm sure the band would be thankful no matter where you buy the album from, but if your buy it from their own site (Fat Wreck Cords, the last icon) it's less expensive and I would guess they get a larger cut of the sales.




The Holophonics -  MaSKArades Vol. 3 (2013)

From Denton, TX they are back after another successful kickstarter campaign(2013 has turned out to the the year of kickstarter for many bands) with an all new 15 track cover album. This one featuring your favorite hits from Kattie Perry, Macklemore, Gaga and more.



October 2013


Hirie - Hirie S/T (2013)

It's time to slow it down, this is an excellent upbeat island/roots/reggae album that is also Hirie's debut album, it was just released last month. Hirie (Trish) was born in The Philippines, raised in Italy then picked up her may of her influences while living in Hawaii.





Suburban Legends - Dreams Arn't Real But These Songs Are Vol. 1 (2013)

Hot off the presses just released today, new EP from SL featuring all your favorite Disney songs. Since this is listed as Volume 1, I assume that means more songs are coming.



Bim Skala Bim - Chet's Last Call (2013)

Excellent new album from this veteran Boston group, now at 30 years together and still sounding great. Big thanks to Dan Vitale for hooking me up with a copy.




The Yappers -  Ride My Music (2013)

Thanks to Stew Sparks(bass) for sending in their bands newest album. The Yappers are a trio from Toronto, Canada and have a great mix of styles ranging from reggae & ska mixed with country and rock. They call it 'Rock and Roots'.





September 2013


Red Soul Community -  I Never Learn (2013)

Not sure how I missed this album, their last album, What Are You Doing ,was one of my favorite albums of 2010 . This release keeps up the same traditional rockseady and ska feel as their earlier albums. This album came out in July and I just happened to notice their new songs while looking up a Clash cover album.



Monty Montgomery - Yah Mon (2013)

Big thanks to Monty for sending in his newest cd. Born in born in Port Antonio, Jamaica, he is well know for his earlier song with Symarip & The Pyrmids for songs like Skinhead Moonstomp, Train Tour To Rainbow City, Skinhead Girl, All Change On The Bakerloo Line Mexican Moonlight, Must Catch A Train And others greats.




The Skariginals - Part Of Your Balanced Breakfast (2013)

Thanks to Ryan for sending in their bands' new debut album. According to their page, they forrmed when a talented pools of fellow USC and Cal Poly Pomona music students, Brayden and Ryan assembled a team of the most fun-loving dudes to complete their roster and bring their music to life.




Ten Bob Notes

Thanks to Brynn for sending in their newest songs. This band features members from what was previously known as Chunky Kustard, a five piece Ska’s Surf Punk band from Newquay, Cornwall UK.




August 2013


The Revivers - 10" EP (2010)

I picked up this record from them at a recent show in Arlington WA, on tour with The Debonairs. The band features members from The Debonaires along with other bands such as The Skeletones. As their name says, the band is reviving that early reggae sound and I hope to hear more from them soon.


The Oldians - Downtown Rock (2013)

Excellent group from Barcelona, Spain playing Jamician Jazz, somewhat like rocksteady with a jazzy feel.



Classy San Diego - Last Call (2013)

From Oklahoma City, with what I think is the bands first full length album. They did release an EP in 20111 that you may have heard songs from on the site.



July 2013


Skablins - Take Your Pants Off ! (2013)

Excellent high energy 10 piece band from Arlington, WA (around an hour from Seattle) is out with their 2nd full length album. Here are some videos I made at one of the CD release shows. Something Isn't Right (Oingo Boingo Cover) and Hair On Fire,

there are more videos in the video section.


The Evokatones - Emergency (2013)

You may have heard their excellent cover of Crazy Train played on the site before, now this Baltimore, MD group is out with a full length album, mastered by King Django.



June 2013


Big D and the Kids Table - Stomp & Stroll (2013)

Their newest set of albums is out today, although the kickstarter supporters already received advance copies. No need to write up an overview, if you liked past Big D albums then you will find a bunch of songs from these 2 albums you like I'm sure.



The Simmertones - Something for the Weekend? (2013)

Ska, done the proper way from Torbay in the UK (I didnt mean that to sound like Dr. Seuss). Anyway great album, let's see if I can write something quotable they can use on their site.  Brilliant new album from the Simmertones, packed full of excellent danceable original songs to the great take on a classic ska standard. - Chris,



Bumpin Uglies - Ninjah: Reggae Assassins (2013)

Back with their new album, thanks in part to another successful kickstarter, the Uglies play the reggae rock from Annapolis, MD. They are jjst wrapping up their tour in support of the new album and hopefully you were able to go check them out.



 May 2013


Rude King - It'll Probably Be Alright (2013)

Listeners likely have heard Rude King's previous album played from time to time, this album continues with the same high energy female/male vocalist configuration.



Soloman Jabby - 7" Single (2013)

Originally from the Christian roots reggae band Christafari, Soloman has just released 2 excellent skinhead reggae tunes on Jump Up.



The Crombies / Green Room Rockers - Clash Goes Jamican 7" Split (2013)

First release for an upcoming comp album, as you may expect, ska & reggae groups covering Clash songs




East Side Agents - East Side Agents (2012)

Thanks to the band for sending in their recent album. They are a female lead band from East L.A who started playing in 2010.



Mike Pinto - Truthful Lies (2013)

Out with his 5th release I believe, he is just kicking off a big coast to coast tour to support the new album. Many songs on this release feature a full backing band and some with special guests including members from The Aggrolites and more. Check out his site and see if they are coming to your town, if not, ask.



Show Me Island - Show Me Island (2013)

Great band from Salt Lake City that I just discovered at the end of 2012 is out with their second full length album.




Streetlight Manifesto - The Hands That Thieve (2013)

With no support from the bands own label (Victory) who seemed to have blocked and delayed an a accompanying album and held up all the preorders from shipping out from the band's own store, some of us still have managed to pick it up. Thankfully this release should be the end of the Victory & Streetlight mess and if the band gets out another album, hopefully they will find a more fan and band friendly label.




April 2013


Yum! Yum! Orange - Oh! My Princess EP (2013)

Everyone's favorite J-Ska/Pop band is back with a new EP. I believe it's been around 5 years since their last release, glad to see they are still around.




The Holophonics-  Third Wave Undead (2013)

Listeners to the site may know the band for their cover album or even the Christmas album, now here they are with a new debut original album. They play "all cost ska", being neither from the East or West Coast, they are right in the middle, out of Denton, TX. They are just ready to begin their tour in support of the new album so check their page for updates.




Samurai Pizza Cats - Cheers (2013)

Picked their debut album up after one of the band members posted the info in r/ska a few days ago. They call themselves an energetic and hilarious 10-piece ska band coming from the town of Oneonta, located in the Central New York region. Apparently named after a Japanese cartoon, but I have never seen it.



The Wondershop Showdown - A Night At The Movies (2013)

This is a ska band of Penn State students from suburban Philadelphia blending in elements of progressive, funk, punk, and alternative.




PapaFish - The Lab EP (2013)

Thanks to Greg (Guitar in the band) for sending in some songs from their new EP and giving me a heads up on the band in general. With influences in reggae, ska, and rock and being one of the only female lead bands in the California Reggae-Rock scene PapaFish is unique in more than one way.



Streetlight Manifesto - The Three Of Us - Single (2013)

First single from this long awaited album, The Hands That Thieve , due out at the end of the month.




1592- This One's For You All (2010)

From Detroit Michigan, 1592 is a great rocksteady and soul influenced band. Their debut release The Rise of the Fallen took home the “Favorite Album of the Year at the 2007 Detroit Music Awards, their guitarist was awarded “Outstanding Reggae Guitarist of the year” for 2008, and other members have received two Detroit Music Awards for Outstanding Reggae Group.



The Blaster Master - Two Tone Bastards (2012)

According to their page, The Blaster Master are now the most recognized ska group in Finland. They have played almost every big music festival in Finland, as well as a lot of shows around Scandinavia and Northern Europe.





March 2103


Bombskare - The Day The Earth Stood Stupid (2013)

I would say this title may be misleading, there has been more than one day the world has stood stupid. Anyway, thanks to Scott for sending the bends newest album. They are from Edinburgh, Scotland and this is their 2nd full length album, not counting an EP and live studio recording session. If you are a listener, you have likely have heard their songs played several time. This album does not disappoint and is packed with as much energy as one can put in a cd.





Demon Waffle - Eat Your Breakfast (2012)


Thanks to the band, from Johnson City, TN for sending in their first full length cd and a few stickers for the wall.






No need to rush, it took about 10 years this 30 member group got their first album out. With a 25 piece horn section Im guessing just mixing the album took much longer than the entire spans of many bands.





The Scotch Bonnets - Live Ya Life (2013)


Thanks to their fan, another excellent album made was possible, or atleast expedited,  though a successful kickstarter campaign. The Scotch Bonnets from Baltimore, MD are lead by a trio of Female singers keeping it down with a rocksteady style. Backed on this album with some excellent musicians (Pablo Fiasco- The Players Band, Angelo Moore- Fishbone, Morgan Russell - 8 Ohms Band & Eastern Standard Time and many more).




Numa Sosa & The Guachos - Artista (2013)


Thanks to Numa (Vocals and Guitar) for sending in this Italian bands new album.




Feb 2013


The Selecter- String Theory (2013)


Led by original vocalist Pauline Black, they are right back at it with the follow-up to the 2011 album Made In Britain. String Theory being what is though binds the us and everything else universe together and depending on it's vibration or frequency, what form it appears as.






King Django - Anywhere I Roam (2013)


Thanks to Jeff Baker (AKA King D) for sending in his newest album last night. This excellent album contains tracks featuring members from The Void Union, Regatta 69, Mr. T-Bone, The Forthrights and more. It was then finished up in Version City Studio.  This is how King Django describes the work put into this album: “This album of collaborations with a huge cast of my talented friends was assembled from recordings made over many years in many different and far-flung studios, most of it done in chunks with no set agenda"



Mr. Wallace


Thanks to Rudmer for sending in their albums from Groningen, in the Netherlands. Until now, I have only had one single of their's I play from time to time. Now I can play all the songs from both their earlier album along with this new release.


Ska Love (2011)


Rudies & Rockers (2012)





Jan 2013


John Kachnowski - Squeeze (2012)


Thanks to John for sending in his new album. This is his solo project, John also played trombone for The Exceptions, Articles, Gangster Fun...a few others.



Soul Radics - Down To The Hall (2012)

Thanks to Nels from Radics for sending in several songs off the new album. Based in Nashville, the Soul Radics hit the scene with blistering traditional ska sounds and gritty soul melodies. This album includes powerful traditional female fronted ska ranging to some slower rocksteady jams.



The Ska Vengers - Ska Vengers (2013)

After some delays due to label censoring requests, their new album has finally made it out. I was sent a few songs from the band earlier, you may have heard them played, but you now can enjoy them all. I believe this is the first band on my site from New Delhi, India. 





Johnny Cakes and the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypso - Curse of the Unsinkable Ship (2013)

Thanks to Johnny for sending the last album and an sneaking in a copy a the new album before it hit the shelves. This St. Petersburg, FL band plays calypso, punk, ska, reggae, rock and a whole bunch of other stuff all marmaladed together. Their name for it is "gutter calypso!".


Johnny Cakes and the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypso - Ride Of The Pink Flamingos (2009)




Time Timebomb & Friends - Whole Bunch Of Songs (2012-2013) (not actual name)


Tim Armstrong  (who the cat at my work is named after) well know from Rancid, Op Ivy, Transplants and more has been releasing a song a day for some time now. These are new and old tunes, as the name implies, recorded with friends. Some on tour busses, studios, backstage, about everywhere, somewhat like Chris Murray's - Yardsale, but on a much larger scale. While I havent been able to pick up all the songs I have been picking up some along the way.






Juice - This We Say (EP 2012)

This Ska-Punk band out of Seattle just finished their first EP. It's up for a free download if you want to check it out yourself.




Staylefish - Staylefish (2012)

This group of reggae rockers from London, Ontario is back with their newest album, just released about 2 weeks ago. You have likely heard some of their earlier songs if you have listed to the station for much time.


Abraskadabra - Grandma Nancy´s Old School Garden(2012)

A group I just recently discovered from Curitiba Brazil. According to their page, The main influence of the band is the skacore, but they also mix other kinds of music like reggae, ska-punk and other stuff, playing everyting that the band considers to be good music.


Previous year's albums.