December 2015

 Chris Murray Combo - Buckle Up (2015)

Chris' excellent 3 peiece group back with this all new 13 track album.



Wotka Trawolta - First (2015)

Thanks to Rogin for sending the bands new album, they are an excellent band from Germany.


The Oldtones - Too Late Lady (2015)

Excellent band from Osaka Japan that I recently came across on facebook.  I don't have much info on them yet besides they are made up 7 girls and 2 guys and they have been playing since 2008.



The Aggrolites - 3 New Singles (2015)
Pretty simple title, they released 3 new song and here they are. 



Los Offbeaters - Amazing Reggae (2015)

Great band from Valencia Spain out with their first full length album, following up their first EP in 2013. They play the classic ska, early reggae with northern soul.



November 2015


Lynn Taitt & The Jets - Sounds Rock Steady (1967, 2015 reissue)  

I buy so many songs from Dub Store Records I don't list them all but try to post up a link now and then. They are a label from Japan dedicated to restoring and re-releasing classic Jamaican ska, rocksteady and reggae. Not only do they offer cd's and downloads they also put out vinyl. 



Carlos Dingo - Ride The Dub (2015)
You may have heard his songs before on the station as I have several other albums. He is also in the excellent band Red Soul Community with his wife Isa García, then has side project. He put out mostly instrumental albums that are a free downloads for the fans.



Bears! Bears! Down! - Bad News Bears! Bears! Bears! (2015)

I don't have much info on this band, I found this as a free download on Bandcamp. They seem to be from Providence, RI area and this may be their first album. The first song you should check out is I Want A Boat, and listen to it all the way to the end. True song for everyone who has had a boat. 



October 2015


M.C Lars - The Zombie Dinosaur LP (2015)

I was just at an MC Lars show lastnight in Seattle, how bout that. Anyway you remember back in 2009, when one of the best ska songs of the year was put out by a nerdcore laptop rapper (This Gigantic Robot Kills) ? Cool, me too. A quick 6 years later he is back with an all new full length album, with a ska song or two hiding on it. Again horn lines provided by Suburban Legends and this time backing vocals by Roger Lima, best known from Less Than Jake. Excellent album and worth checking out. 



Be Like Max - Against All Odds (2015)

Great ska/punk band from Las Vegas, I just saw them at a show with The Holophonics in Tacoma, WA where I picked up this new album. 



Kingly T - Life In The City (2015)

Thanks to Kingly T for sending in his newest album. Originally from Kingston, Jamaica he now lives in Indianapolis, IN and you have likely heard his excellent traditional reggae songs on the station before and this album is another great one.  





The Evokatones -The Evokatones (2015)

This great female fronted high energy band from Baltimore, MD is back with their second album.



Secret Cajun Band - Big House (1994)

I just recently found this band after being asked by a listener if I had any of their songs in the playlist, I did not. I did a bit of looking and ordered one of their cd's.  They are from University, City, MO. and seemed to have been active from 1989 to around 1995, then reforming for a few reunion shows, including a memorial show after one of their members was killed from a fall in 2011. 





Dope Soda - Carbonation (2014)

Great band from Victoria B.C that I recently found on a free sampler of Northwest Bands. They mix the ska with some hip-hop & reggae rock and are surely worth checking out. 




September 2015


Amsterdam Faya Allstars - All Minorities Are the Majority (2014)

Big thanks to Amsterdam Faya Allstars for sending in their newest album, some flyers and posters from Huizen in the Netherlands, I'm sure that postage wasn't cheap. They have been playing since 2011 and this release marked their first full length album. 



The Pocketeers - Phantom Life EP (2015)

Thanks to Cammy Poo(guitar) for sending in the album and info on this this Anaheim, CA band. I've never come across this band before but any band that plays ska and posts bad cat jokes must be ok.





August 2015


The Doped Up Dollies - The New Way Out (2015)

For those who arn't aware, the Dollies have been working with Big D and the Kids Table for about the last 7 years, providing amazing female backing vocals to some of Big D's songs.  In a turn of events, now it's Big D who stepped back to trade places and give these girls an album of their own. It was a massive sucess on Kickstarter, raising more than double the original goal. It's an excellent album, I recieved an early copy but had to hold onto it for a few weeks before the official release before I could give it some plays.



 The Fabulous Lolo Meets King Kong Girio - My Favourite Heart To Break (2015)

You may have heard the first single off this album, Right The Wrong,  played over the past month or so and now I am pleased to say the full album has been released. You all should these two Canadian artists, even if you dpn't remember the name. Lolo (Lorraine Muller) has been with bands like The Kingpins, Lo and the Magnetics or just The Fabulous Lolo and Mitch (King Kong) Girio played with King Apparatus along with releasing solo albums.  And by the way, if you buy the album (I sugest you do), it only shows you 1 preview song, but you will get the full album in the download link. 




Half Past Two - Mastering Karate EP (2015)

Thanks to Max for sending in the bands newest album.  Although I've played the bands earlier albums on the station often, this new little album is quite a powerhouse. It's brings up their game to the next level and love all the big sax. This album was produced by Meagan Christy (Chase Long Beach) and engineered by David Irish (Reel Big Fish, Suburban Legends). You can pick it up on the album on their web site as 'Name Your Price', click on the Buy CD link. 





Various Artists - Pacific Sound System - Volume II (2015)

Volume II of the free international compilation album of ska, ska-punk, punk and reggae bands from around the Pacific Northwest of the US and Canada! Worth the free download, lots of great bands here and even includes some new or previously unreleased songs. Send your thanks to The Brass Action for setting everything up. 



The Brass Action - No Soundcheck (2015)Y

Great 2nd album just out from this 6 piece Vancouver BC band. You can pick it up on bandcamp as a download, CD or soon to be released limited edition 12". 



Baked Potatoes - Welcome To The Bus (2015)

You may have heard this band plated before, their previous album was added to the playlist earlier this year. Baked Potatoes is a 7 piece reggae & ska band from Oneonta, NY and just released their second album 2 days ago. Big thanks to Jesse for sending it in. 



Phoenix City Retaliators - Phoenix City Retaliators (2015)

Thanks to Phoenix City Retaliators for sending in their new album. They are an excellent ska group from Rotterdam, Netherlands and have been playing since 2012. 



Aggressors B.C - Belfast City EP (2015)

This great 6 piece brings their heavy hitting ska from Belfast City, in Northern Ireland. They were kind enough to send me a copy early, I can say it's excellent and when it's released in the coming weeks, I'll get links to your favorite music stores. Until then you may be lucky enough to hear a track or two played, so be ready, you never know when Ill put one on.


Los Kung Fu Monkeys - Rudeboy Rockers (2015)

This band from both Mexico and Canada has been playing since 1997 and has this new album coming out on Stomp Records later this month. Although I did get a copy early, I've only played a few tracks from it, I'm keeping the rest as a surprise, you will have to wait until the release date until it's added to the main playlist. They do have a few videos with songs of this album posted on their facebook, so be sure and check them out.




July 2015


The Selecter - Subculture (2015)

Excellent album from this long time UK ska staple, with original members Pauline Black and Arthur Hendrickson, and mixed by Prince Fatty. Although this album isn't being released for those of us who live in the US until October 2nd, you can just order it from or your favorite overseas album store. It's a great album and worth the extra $4 for overseas shipping to get it now.




Five Head (aka 5 Head) - Candy Supper (2015) , Casa del Fuego! (2000) , 5Head (1998)

Some of the East Coast people may remember this band from Rochester, NY, they released 2 albums from 1998 to 2000 but stopped playing a few years later. They got back together in 2012 for a one time reunion show, then as often happens a few more 'one time' shows came around, then they put together a kickstarter campaign for a new album. And this album is the result, it contains music influenced over their nearly 20 year history. As part of the kickstarter, I received the new album and 2 earlier ones.



Los Furios - Una Mas (2015)

This band from Vancouver, BC has been playing for over 12 years now and still going strong. This album marks the bands 8th release, and here it is for your listening enjoyment.  



The Pandemics - Hard Headed EP (2015)

Great band from Long Island, NY is out with their 3rd album, an EP on Lonely Atom Records, it is the record label’s debut flagship release. Hope to see more great releases from them soon. You may have heard them on the station before, as their last album, Brain On Tap, has been in the playlist for several years. 





UNRB - Collateral Jammage EP (2015)

From St. Petersburg, FL, they are out with their 3rd release, this EP coming after 2 full length albums in 2011 and 2013. 



Ten Bob Notes - TBN (2015)

Thanks to Brynn for mailing in the bands newest cd from Newquay, Cornwall in Southern England. They are now upto an 8 piece band, you have likely heard them before if you spent any time listening to the station. Good quality ska with female vocalist. 




Simple Minded Symphony - Anything And Everything (2015)

Thanks to Kevin for sending in his bands 2nd album. They are from Oak Harbor, WA, not to far from here. It just dropped yesterday and it's on bandcamp for $5, go check it out and pick it up.



 Backyard Superheroes - Let's Get Dangerous (2015)

This Nerd Wave Ska (that's what they say) band is out with their 3rd full album today. Quality ska/punk, some great songs and definalty worth a listen. From New Jeresy, they are have been playing since 2012 and opened for bands like The Slackers, Big D and 3 time favorites at The Backyard Campout Music Festival. 




The Expanders -  Hustling Culture (2015)

You have likely heard some of their excellent songs played on the station before, their video Moving Along was even a Video Of The Week. Now this LA area band is out with their 2nd album, for your listening enjoyment it's available on vinyl, cd and download.




June 2015


The Duppies - Broken Organ (2015)

Another successful kickstarter project brought about this excellent album from this Gainesville, FL band. It's a 14 track album and includes song featuring guests Dave Hillyard of the Slackers and and Derron Nuhfer from Less Than Jake. 



Positive Rising - Medicine Music (2015)

Great debut album from this Seattle reggae group. They are an experienced group of musicians coming from past bands such as The Cauze and Northwest Sons, if you have listened to the station before you likely have heard them played. 




Bad Koala - Self Titled (2015)

This Seattle ska group just recently put out their first 3 song demo. I've seen them several times at local shows and can't wait to hear more from them.




The Suppressors - Setting It Straight (2015)

Great band from Fresno, CA that Ive seen a few times now, is out with their second album. I for one, say it's about time someone covered an N.W.A song. 



Mephiskapheles - Mephiskapheles (2015)

You have likely heard of this New York band, they formed in 1991, although they did stop playing for awhile, are back with a new 6 song EP. Six songs could be called an extended EP, since I think 7 is considered a fullish album.  Anyway, check it out and don't let Satan Steal Your Weed.



The Mighty Fishers - Soul Garden (2014) 

This is the first full length for this excellent rocksteady group, they have had 2 EP's since 2011 that you may have heard them played on the station before. This album came out last year but I missed it, even with facebook it can be hard to keep up with bands from Budapest, Hungary. 



Bumpin Uglies - Freakout Hell Bus EP (2015)

Great little album out on bandcamp now. It's available as a free download or you can pay them a few $$ if you are able to. As always their songs tell very good stories and are worth a close listen. 




May 2015

This was a great month for albums as it seems the rest of this year will be. Good to see Ska alive and strong. 


Suburban Legends -  Forever in the FriendZone (2015)

Due to the fans support with another successful kickstarter, SL is back with their first full album since 2012, 7th full album since 1999. This album sounds exactly how you expect a Suburban Legends album should sound, tight horn lines with catchy lyrics. Can't wait for the upcoming tour. No Disney covers on this one, but it you were ever up at 3am watching Golden Girls, I'm sure you will recognize atleast one song. 




Soul Radics - Big Shot (2015)

Coming back strong with their second album, this band from Nashville, TN continues with their powerful soulful sound and is able to bring it down for a few quality rocksteady tracks. This is a solid album done right.




Monty Montgomery With Soul Radics - 7" Single (2015) 

This original Symarip artist comes together for 2 songs with The Soul Radics on this special 7" colored vinyl , put out by Jump Up Records.  I would say better buy yours now, they won't last long.  




Western Standard Time Ska Orchestra - Volume II (2015)

As you may have guessed by the name, even if you have not heard this band, they are a full orchestra (39 piece, beat that Streetlight) playing classic ska songs big band style. And yes they do tour but with a smaller core band with fewer members, finding more musicians locally for shows. Even the recording are done in the traditional style, with the entire band at once. 



Here is a free download from this new label, it was started Obi Fernandez of Westbound Train and Vinnie Fiorello from Less Than Jake so you it will have some good music on it.  Included are bands like The Toasters, The Slackers, King Django, Westbound Train and The Rarebreed Allstars (members of several bands) doing an excellent Ramones cover. 



April 2015 


The Big Takeover - Children of the Rhythm (2014)

Here is an excellent band from New Paltz, NY. Listed as a ska/reggae/rocksteady group, this album also contains songs with a fun Caribbean feeling. Great music and I'll be adding on their earlier album as soon as I get a chance.




The Abruptors - Don't Worry Single (2015)

Here is an excellent up and coming traditional style band. Out of Buffalo, NY they just released a 2 song single with a full album due out soon.  It's even up for a free download on Bandcamp, I suggest you check it out.




Sugary Staple - Rudegirl Sounds EP (2015) 

Show them you are rude, show them you are right. Here is a great traditional style album featuring Christine Sugary Staple (wife of Neville Staple). The songs are quite catchy, listen to it a few times and you will see for yourself. Not a newcomer, she has been in several films, theater and sung backing vocals on several albums. She is also very active on many internet and facebook ska groups and pages. 



Stupid Flanders - Flanders' Dozen (2015) 

Fresh off another successful kickstarter, this ska/punk band from Fullerton, CA is out with their first album.



The Holophonics - B Side? Is That Still A Thing? (2015) 

This Denton, TX band is back with a collection of non-released material they collected in the past 3 years. Includes a new cover with a girl singer (they must have tricked into singing with them) for Blank Space, the famous Theme Song For Eating Tacos, a cover of their own song and some good originals. 




Various Artists (A whole bunch) - Hooligans United Rancid Tribute Record (2015) 

Got a few hours and want to listen to an album ? Pick up this comp. 53 songs (with the bonus downloads) from artists you know like Big D and the Kids Table, Monkey, The Scotch Bonnets, The Interrupters, Mustard Plug and may be even better, tons of artists I've (and maybe you) have never heard before. Great sampling of the punk & ska out there today (and even some rockabilly and folk maybe ?)




March 2015


Ska'D For Life - Various Artists Comp (2015)
Out on Strictly Rocker Records from the UK, here is a great sampling of artists. Many excellent songs on it, can't wait for these artists to put out their own full length albums. 




Steady Legend Steady Legend (2015)

This excellent band, who I just recently found, has just put out with their first album.  Copying from their facebook page, they are a female fronted Austin, TX reggae/rock/ska/soul/swing outfit featuring 3 piece horn section.




Monkey - Bananarchy (2015)

This one is upbeat and fun, we could use more albums like this. Monkey, from San Jose CA, is back with their first new album since 2009 (although one song was featured on this cd comp. from last year It's A Ska World Vol 1). It is an excellent album, I suggest you go check it out. Album officially due out around April 7th on Asian Man Records.



 The Pilfers - From Far (2015)

With a very long wait of 16 years(if I am mathing correctly it is quite early in the morning), this New Youk City band is back with an their 3rd full length album. You may have heard the song Easy Man played a few times, it was first released a Ska Is Dead 7" series in 2012.




The Skints - FM (2015)

The Skints are out with their 3rd full length album. You've likely heard them before if you have listened to the station for any time. If not, they are from London, mixing the ska & reggae tunes with some hip-hop lyrics.



February 2015


Ministry of Echology -
Notes & Quotes (2014) 

Thanks to Giedrius from sending in the bands newest album. It is available for free on bandcamp or you can send them a few $$ for their hard work. Ministry of Echology is a dub/reggae band from Vilnius, Lithuania.





Behind Deadlines -  Goodbye Drake City EP (2014)
Big thanks to Mike, bassist for the band, for sending in their newest EP. Behind Deadlines is a new ska punk band from Philly featuring members of past local ska favorites such as On Display and Last Martyrs of a Lost Cause. The album (feat. Ryan Eldred from Catch 22 on one song) is up for a free download should you want a copy for yourself.





January 2015


The Taj Motel Trio - 4 Songs, 7 Inches EP (2015)

Great ska/punk (yes but ska/punk done right) from Georgia. This band gets the award for first official 2015 release that made it to the station.  This is their first new album in 7 years, then that was a Christmas album, it's been 8 years since the last full release. Hopefully we see another album sooner than 2023, if they follow the 8 year schedule.





 The A-Ok's - Fun Employment Benefits (2014)

From Denver, they bring a mix of ska & punk they call party core.



Baked Potatoes - Waiting For The Weekend (2014)

Thanks to Jessie for sending in their newest album. They are a 7 piece reggae band from Oneonta, NY.




 Previous year's albums.