2017 Album Updates 



Krista D - Look At Me.. I'm Krista D


The Georgetown Orbits - Keep Your Chin Up / Picture On The Wall (7") 


King Tuts Revenge - Weather The Storm EP (2017)


Adam's Mind - Visit Me (2017)


The Holophnoics - Merry Xmas 2017


Vespa - ...Radzi EP (2017)


The Busters - Straight Ahead (2017)



King Kong 4 - More Than Just A Plate Full EP (2017)


Skippbeat - Promo Demo EP (2016)


The Dendrites - Damn Right (2017)


The Red Stripes - In The Ska East (2017)


Slamboni - 150 (2017)


Mecanik Skankers - Skank #1 (2017)


Sugarshine - Better Days (2017)

Yes, this band isn't ska, but we have room for some solid reggae rock from this South Carolina's groups debut album.


Ratatouille - Greetings from Ratatouille (2017)


The OzSkas - Less Talk, More Action - Single (2017)


Pineapple Hill - Skamericana ! (2017)


The Bakesys - More Bakesys (2017)


Marina P & The Radiators (2017)



Cosmic Shuffling - Cosmic Goes Wild (2017)
An excellent traditional ska & rocksteady band from Switzerland. Very worth checking out.


Soweto - Trun On The Music Again
Just released on Liquidator Music, a great album for all fans of traditional ska and reggae.


The Selecter - Daylight (2017)
Top notch album from the Pauline Black and Arthur 'Gaps' Hendrickson led Selecter. It's actually so good I have a hard time picking 'a' song to play from it, I want to play them all first. 


Epic 18 - Vs. Devides By Zero (2017)


The Holophonics - MaSKArades Vol. 12: Jimmy Eat World: Clarity (2017)



The Stiff Joints - First Proper Album (2017)



Niceness - Sunshine (2016)


Baked A La Ska - Baked A La Ska (ST 2016)



The OZSkas - The OzSkas (ST 2014)


The Kingpins - Let's Go Back To Work (2017)

These songs are officially available online for the FIRST TIME EVER… (including previously UNRELEASED tracks/versions)


GangstaSKA - Historky z podsv?tí (2017)


The New Limits - Self Titled (2017)
Boston ska band with a taste for rocksteady, reggae, soul, and rock n roll


 The OzSkas - Long SHot Kick De Bucket & Rude Boy (Single 2017)

The OzSkas are an exciting ska/rocksteady/reggae five-piece collective consisting of some of Australia’s preeminent names in Ska and Reggae.


All Day Long - All Day Long (2017)

One of the oldest and most active ska/punk bands in Latvia. 15+ years, 500+ shows, 1 album


By The Rivers - Midnight Raver (2017)

6 people making sounds & vibrations from Leicester, UK.


El Golpe Ska - Public Enemies (2016)
Traditional instrumental ska from Trelew, Chubut. Argentina


 Half Past Two - Camp Slushtone (2017)
Combining  female-fronted blend of ska, reggae, rock, and surf music.


Dr. Ring Ding meets Ska Beat City - Adorable You - Single (2017)


VA- For The Love: Volume Three (2017)
This is a mixed Genre Compilation of 33 fantastic bands from all over the spectrum.



The Holophonics - MaSKArades Vol. 11: Awesome 80s (2017)
As a DIY ska punk band, The Holophonics have spent their first five years recording and touring at a breakneck pace. With 11 full-length albums, 3 EPs, and five national tours already under their belts.


Danny Rebel & The KGB - Lovehaus (2017)
Lovehaus began as a DIY project combining unreleased songs into several EP’s. Recorded in two separate seasons (Summer 2016/Winter 2017) in the bands apartment known as The Lovehaus.


Doreen Shaffer & The Steadytones - First Lady Of Ska (2017)
Doreen Shaffer, is arguably the most active original Jamaican singer of the last 50 years. A founding member of The Skatalites since 1963, she has toured the world countless times, taking the legacy of Ska, Rocksteady and Reggae music to the most remote parts of the planet, from the most underground venues to the most important festivals.



Madaline - The Coast Is Clear (2017)
Madaline is a 7-person Ska-Punk band from Denton, TX. The band combines nostalgic 90's 3rd wave ska rhythms combined with a hard punk meets Oi sound.


Caz Gardiner & The Badasonics - EP (2017)
The Badasonics mixes soul and funk together with Jamaican riddims and horns with the soulful rock and reggae voice of Caz Gardiner(Checkered Cabs, Caz and the Day Laborers and more) to deliver a pulsating party of soul steady beats.


Saucyhorn - Calfone Special (2017)
A side project of Joseph Quinones (aka Joe Q) from the Steady 45's, with some excellent early reggae instrumental tracks. 



The Holophonics - MaSKArades Vol. X: Video Games (2017)
As a DIY ska punk band, The Holophonics have spent their first five years recording and touring at a breakneck pace. With 10 full-length albums, 3 EPs, and five national tours already under their belts.


St. Petersburg ska-jazz review - Monochrome Memories (2015)

Still standing strong on Russian independent & the underground scene.As always their performances full of energy and positive emotions,together with a brilliant sound of the musicians that are still dig good music.


Leftover Bowlskis - Good Trip, Bad Vibes (2017)


Susan Cadogan - Truth Talkin' (single) 2017


Hollie Cook - Superstar (single) 2017



The Fuss - We're Going Out / Dangerous Love (Single) 2017

The Funaddicts - WHat's The Rush ? (2017)
The first full length release for The Funaddicts, lovingly crafted over 30 years like a fine malt whisky. 



Battle-Ska Galactica - Everybody's Got An Opinion(2012)
This band is set to take the NZ music scene by storm with their infectious mix of Reggae, Jazz, Rock and of course Ska, Ska, Ska !!!


The Upbeat - Shuku (2010)
The Upbeat was formed in 1985, and for the past 27 years has been pumping out a unique blend of ska, roots reggae, and rocksteady, with politically and environmentally conscious lyrics.



The Skarsoles - Wake Up Rise Up (2017)
6 piece ska band from the West of Scotland, setting about audiences with a passion that turns Sceptics into skankers. Making Scottish ska since '99. 


Less Than Jake - Sound The Alarm (2017)


The Abruptors - Wait & See (Single 2017)


The Uniques - Absolutely Rocksteady (2010)




The Big Takeover - Silly Girl (2017)
The Big Takeover take their cues from Desmond Dekker and the first wave of Jamaican pop music as well as from the soulful energy and sophistication of Motown.


Moonhead Project - On The Dancefloor / Sydämeni Hullu(Single 2017)

Both sides of the single contain the same song in two languages by two different singers. The English version On The Dancefloor is sung by the American singer Dani Radic from The Soul Radics and the Finnish version Sydämeni Hullu by the Finnish singer and burlesque artist Molly Moonstone.


Freedom Fries -  Side A (2016)
Ska band from Guam


 What Do You Know About Ska Punk ? - Vol 1 (2016)

Massive Comp album featuring about 130 songs, at just $5 it's a great way to find some new bands. 



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