Newest Albums Added

The Kingpins
The New Limits
The OzSkas
All Day Long
By The Rivers
El Golpe Ska
Half Past Two
Dr. Ring Ding W/ Ska Beat City
VA- For The Love (of ska punk) Vol 3
The Holophonics
Danny Rebel & The KGB
Doreen Shaffer & The Steadytones
Caz Gardiner & The Badasonics
The Holophonics
St. Petersburg ska-jazz review
Leftover Bowlskis
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Always under construction. Take note some of these may be out of date by several years. Please send in any updates or new links in these categories. Because of the large number of bands, I can not list them all individually, their links will be listed on the Albums Updates page, and included with the song name on the now playing page.



Links to Ska podcasts, other streaming sites and live ska shows on broadcast radio



Real Punk Radio
Features many scheduled shows of different musical styles. Also has a live chatbox that may have DJs, musicians and other listeners talking about music and news. Be sure to tune in for Pressure Drop Soundcast Wednesday nights (10PM Pacific Time).

Ska Spot Radio

Operated by Andy Jeter. Features live streaming ska radio, ska news, many feeds for ska related social media, upcoming concerts and more.


Ska-T's Scenic Drive

Great weekly hosted show from CITR Vancouver CA. Features lots of ska, guest interviews and concert updates. Podcasts available for recent shows.


Ska Trek
Weekly ska radio program from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


Ska Parade
The show that brought bands like Sublime and No Doubt to the world. Subscribe to the facebook page to be notified of new shows.


23 Minutes Of Ska
A new ska podcast comes out each Thursday. Features songs, news and artist interviews.


Ska's The Limit
From St Louis, MO Sat 7-9pm


 Ska Crazy

Weekly podcasts with ska news, tour dates and new album news.

Directory of thousands of other stations available online



Links to ska friendly labels and music stores fronts.


Jump Up Records:
Set up by DJ Chuck Wren in 1993, JUMP UP is a Chicago based independent record label and mail order distribution company specialized in modern bands who play original Jamaican ska, reggae, rock steady, and calypso.


Simmerdown Productions:
Ska and rocksteady label from Portland, Or. Run by Dj. Simmerdown (AKA Mathew Griffin), 16+ year host of Rude Boy's Revenge and Coffee Hour on KPSU.


Do The Dog:

They love ska in all its colourful guises, be it old school, laid back Jamaican style ska, bouncy 2-tone ska vibes, upbeat modern ska/pop or thunderous ska/punk!


Asian Man Records:
Started by Mike Park (Skankin' Pickle, The Chinkees, The Bruce Lee Band and solo work) in 1996, he still runs his label from his mother's garage to keep prices low.


Megalith Records:
Started by Robert "Bucket" Hingley from The Toasters in 2002 after the demise of Moon Ska Records, they have a great catalog of releases.


Version City Studios
Run by King Django, who also is in charge of Stubborn Records. They features a large catalog of excellent releases, including dub's and remixes, that Django mixed & mastered himself in his New Jersey studio.


Records By Mail
While not specially a ska site, Ive gotten many ska, rocksteady and reggae albums here. Massive selection will leave you browsing for hours.


Links to Ska news and discussion


SKA summit
A very useful site with SKA news, Podcasts, cd reviews and more. I have been visiting it since it was opened for the SKA Summit 2003 held in Vegas.

Ska Blah Blah
A ska news,blog and podcast site ran by the current host of Ska’s The Limit (on of the longest running ska radio show).


Musical Occupation
A great site. Lots of up to the minute ska news, collection of several podcasts, message boards, free downloads, interviews & more.


Joachim Uerschels's Ska stories and songs since 1980
An excellent ska/music/blog/news site ran by Joachim Uerschels, a ska fan and musician for over 30 years.


Marco On The Bass
Launched in 2008 by Bigger Thomas bass player Marco, his excellent blog now has over 500 entries and is updated frequently.


The Pier Magazine
A great news & music site covering mostly reggae rock bands with some ska, acoustic, dub and soul thrown in. The have free mp3 downloads from many bands, ranging from live tracks, selected album tracks and entire cd's.


Reddit r/ska subreddit
More that just atheists taking pictures of cats, there are discussions of about everything imaginable, including ska.


Rocking Steady !
Home of the Rocking Steady E-Zine (downloadable ska magazine) packed with news and interviews.


One of the more active ska groups on Facebook

Archived: These sites are likely gone, but your welcome to try them.

Ska Freaks

Currently off-line but keep checking, it may be back soon.
On line streaming SKA station. Frequent updates, local news and recently brought back on line with updated web site.

Skawesome Sundays

May return in the Summer
3 hour live hosted broadcast on KGRG, Auburn, WA. Features live in studio performances, exclusive tracks and more. Podcasts of their past shows available for download on their Facebook page.

Sky.FM's Ska stream 

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Sky.FM features about 30 different channels including ska & roots reggae streams.


Website returns error
Liveska is a dedicated site that is focused on the idea of having quality sound and video on the internet.

Rude Boy's Revenge & Coffee Hour

Currently on hold, we hope to see this program return in 2013.
An excellent weekly hosted program from Portland State University. The host, DJ. Simmerdown, has hosted this show for 17 years now. They sometime feature guests and live in studio performances. Downloads for previous shows available on the web site, when the archive is working.

Rude Radio on Radio K

(Currently off)
A long running weekly ska radio program on Radio K from the University of Minnesota. After a short break it has returned with new hosts.

World SKA radio (Inactive)
No updates since 2009, but they have a library at 30 or more shows, with themes for each one.

Pressure Drop Soundcast (Inactive)
No new shows since 2009,one of the DJ's is now on Real Punk Radio, but has a a large (120+) episodes of past live hosted podcasts, They featured band interviews, guest DJ's and lots of SKA.