Newest Albums Added

Girls Go Ska
The Bakesys
‚ÄčAnd Out Come the Lawsuits
We Are The Union
Jeff Rosenstock
The Taj Motel Trio
Pontious Pilate & The Naildrivers
The PMR Ska Collective
Left Alone
Bite Me Bambi
The Mighty Mighty BossTones
Flying Raccoon Suit
The Freecoasters
Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra
Girls Go Ska
Sean Arawjo
Cosmic Shuffling
James Shaw
The Rocksteady Conspiracy
What Do You Know About Ska Punk? Vol. 5
Arose Such A Clatter - Various
Less Than Jake

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Check the Radio FAQ page

Song submission and removal.  

Getting your music played

My band has a CD, 7", or some MP3's, can you play them ?


Yes. If your band plays some type of SKA, Rocksteady, 2tone, Reggae (roots / traditional) or a similar style you are welcome to send your music and I will add it to the playlist. You can email from the contact page with your facebook, website or a link to where I can download the songs. Any format will be acceptable but FLAC or WAV provides the best sound quality, AAC and MP3 encoded files are also acceptable but please encode to high bitrate (256+).  You can also send your electronic press kits & info.

You can upload your songs or albums to a file hosting site like Dropbox, Google Drive, Skydrive, etc.. then email me the link after upload.  If your album is on Bandcamp, you can send in a download code.  If you want to send a real cd, record, stickers, swag or other physical media, message for delivery info.

I / we do not want my / our  bands / artists / labels music played on this site.

No problem, let me know what tracks/albums/bands you would like removed from further airplay. Email me your request and your affiliation with that band. 


What's you song submission policy ?

I do not have a formal submission / review policy. If it's ska related, I will add it to the playlist.

I see songs have facebook & amazon links, can you change ours ?

Yes. Most every song has a Band link to their webpage or facebook along with Buy link, typically to Itunes, Amazon or Bandcamp. Should your band have a preferred store or webpage or affilate link, let me know and I can change the links that appear with the song.


My band is on your site, can people download my music ?

No. My site is streaming only(like Youtube, Facebook and other streaming music sites). I provide links on most songs to a legal music storefront (amazon, itunes, bandcamp or your custom link) and to a web site(facebook, twitter, official web page, etc) so hopefully each band will gain fans a get album sales after being discovered. 
I am getting new music each week submitted directly from artists or labels and so far no band has yet asked to have their music removed. 


My Band is not on your site, do you not like them or can you add them ?

Yes I can add them. If I do not have them, most likely I do have have their (or your) music and may have never heard of them. Even though I have been collecting ska music for many years there have been thousands of great bands over the last 40+ years and with new albums coming out every week, it would be very difficult & expensive to buy each album I saw music just for the sake of buying it. I might buy several albums per month, new and old,  and most of those are added on the station. If your music is not on the site and you would like it played, send it to the address listed above.


We do not have an official album out, can you play demo's or live tracks ?

Yes I can play whatever you want to send me, weather it's from a album or something your recorded last night in the basement.  In the end it's up to you, if the quality is good enough that you feel people will be able to enjoy it and want to hear more from your band, then feel free to send the songs in.

We have our new single / album dropping Friday, can play only tracks 2 & 6 until the release ?  
Yes, I can add songs to the station but keep them out of rotation / requests. If you only want your lead single played before your album comes out, let me know when sending it in when it will be released and what tracks you want available.  

Also, if you have a new track dropping Monday at 1PM, let me know, I can set it to play at a certain date and time.