Newest Albums Added

Flying Raccoon Suit
The Bruce Lee Band
Blockbuster a tribute to Glam Rock
Instincts Take Over
Fat Timmy
Some Ska Band
The Slackers
Rhoda Dakar
Still Stubborn Volume 1
Arose Such A Clatter
The Replicators
Half Past Two
The Georgetown Orbits
Skatunes Network
Big D and the Kids Table
Rude Girl Review
Girls Go Ska
The Bakesys
​And Out Come the Lawsuits
We Are The Union
Jeff Rosenstock
The Taj Motel Trio
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Past Album Updates

This is a listing of many of the new albums added to the station's rotation.


The Replicators - Don't Take Me Home (2021)


Half Past Two - Holidays (2021) EP


 On the Upbeat Presents​.​.​. Arose Such a Clatter 2021 (2021)



The Georgetown Orbits - Better Off Dead (2021) EP



Half Past Two - Half Past Two (2021)


 Skatune Network - SKALLOWEEN (2021)


 Big D and the Kids Table - Do Your Art (2021)




Abraskadabra - Make Yourself At Home (2021)



Rude Girl Review - Single (2021)



Catbite - Nice One (2021)




Girls Go Ska - Frente al Mar (2021)


 The Bakesys - Get Your Moon Boots On (2021)



Various - .​.​.​And Out Come the Lawsuits (2021)



We Are The Union - Ordinary Life (2021)



Jeff Rosenstock - SKA DREAM (2021)



The Taj Motel Trio - Sink Or Swim - Single (2021)



Pontious Pilate & The Naildrivers - Own Your Spectrum - Single- (2021)


 The PMR Ska Collective - This Is The Way! (2021)


Left Alone - Checkers & Plaid (2021)



Joystick! - I Can't Take it Anymore (2021)



Bite Me Bambi - Like That -Single (2021)


 Ahnkl-Baby don't - -Single- (2020)



The Mighty Mighty BossTones - When God Was Great (2021)


Flying Raccoon Suit - Afterglow (2021)


The Freecoasters - A Different Kind of Heat (2021)


Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra - SKA=ALMIGHTY (2021)


Girls Go Ska - La Tierra (2021)


Sean Arawjo - Constructive Rest (2016)



Cosmic Shuffling - Magic Rocket Ship (2020)


James Shaw - Go Rude Boy Go (2020)




The Rocksteady Conspiracy - I Would Say No / Today (2021)




What Do You Know About Ska Punk? Vol. 5 (2021)