Newest Albums Added

Flying Raccoon Suit
The Bruce Lee Band
Blockbuster a tribute to Glam Rock
Instincts Take Over
Fat Timmy
Some Ska Band
The Slackers
Rhoda Dakar
Still Stubborn Volume 1
Arose Such A Clatter
The Replicators
Half Past Two
The Georgetown Orbits
Skatunes Network
Big D and the Kids Table
Rude Girl Review
Girls Go Ska
The Bakesys
‚ÄčAnd Out Come the Lawsuits
We Are The Union
Jeff Rosenstock
The Taj Motel Trio
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Album Updates 2022

This is a listing of many of the new albums added to the station's rotation.


Stubborn Records - Still Stubborn - Volume 2 (2022)


Instincts Take Over - No More Stabbings (Single 2022)
Featuring the former members of 10 Bob Notes


The Bruce Lee Band - Did You Find The Money Farm? (Single 2022)
First single of the album due out later this year.


Flying Raccoon Suit - Afterthought (2022)


The Specialized Project - Blockbuster a tribute to Glam Rock (2022)





Fat Timmy - Full blown ska (2022)



Some Ska Band - Better Together (2022)


 The Slackers - Don't Let The Sunlight Fool Ya (Single 2022)





Rhoda Dakar - The Man Who Sold The World (2022)


Still Stubborn  Volume 1 - Stubborn Records (VA 2022)