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Instincts Take Over
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Arose Such A Clatter
The Replicators
Half Past Two
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Skatunes Network
Big D and the Kids Table
Rude Girl Review
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Album Updates 2020

This is a listing of many of the new albums added to the station's rotation.


2020  Album Updates



Arose Such A Clatter - Various (2020)

Less Than Jake - Silver Linings (2020)


Bumpin Uglies Fear (2020) Single


Mad Caddies - House On Fire (2020)




Llama Tsunami - Don't Judge A Band By Its Cover Vol. 3: The Epic Eighties (2020)


The Liquidators - Get Ready (2018)




Mister Blank - Blankenstein (2020)



The Holophonics - MaSKArades Vol. 15 (2020)




Half Past Two - Something Blue (2020)


Pussycat Doghouse - Bananas (2020)




Rude Boy George - Lies and Alibis EP (2020)



Alpheus - The Victory (2020)
Another excellent release from Alpheus, out April 9th on Liquidator Music. This Album consists of quality carefully constructed Ska,Rock Steady and Early Reggae and is a perfect follow-up to the often played tracks from Light Of Day. 



The Red Stripes - Made In Hong Kong (2020)
The Red Stripes are Hong Kong's premier Ska, Rocksteady and Mod band.


The Cascadians - The Live EP (2020)
The Cascadians feature current and former members of Buddy Jay's Jamaican Jazz Band (PDX), The Dendrites (Denver), The Rudie Crew (NJ), The Israelites (PDX), and That Selective Collective (PDX)


The Prizefighters - The Prizefighter Beat - Single (2020)
The A side, “The Prizefighter Beat,” is a scorching ska stomper encouraging everyone to get groovin’ to the beat.
On the B side, “A Fistful of Credits” reimagines the main theme from Disney’s The Mandalorian as a menacing Spaghetti Western reggae number, harkening to a style made famous in the 1960s by legendary acts such as Lee Perry and the Upsetters.



'50s Kitchen - Reheated (2020)
Resurrected after their untimely death at the pinnacle of third wave's height of popularity in the late 90's, '50s Kitchen wants you to shake your butt when you strut and stomp your feet to their beat.


The Skluttz - Confidence is Key (2020)
DC's NEWEST Female fronted Ska/Punk Band


The Kings Seattle - Love Trouble (2020)
The second full album from this Seattle Rock & Ska band. 



The Holophonics - MaSKArades Vol. 14: Not A Cover Band (2020)
As you may guess, this is the 14th full album from this full time Texas band, who is not just a ska cover band.


What Do You Know About Ska Punk? Vol. 4 - VA 2020
Fourth installment of the What Do You Know About Ska Punk? series containing 156 tracks.  Also a side note, this album now put the main playlist at over 20,000 ska tracks. 


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